Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March for Babies 2009

This year's March of Dimes walk is quickly approaching! My gracious SIL organized TEAM COY this year and composed the following email. Please SIGN up to walk or help us raise money! We are also having t-shirts made for $15 each--if you are interested, please email Mandy at mkolkhorst@gmail.com with your name & size. We are so thankful and blessed for all the love and support! We hope that one day all babies will be born fat & healthy! And, although I will be unable to participate in this year's walk, Chris & Coy will be there! =) Here are the details for the walk...


March of Dimes March for Babies

April 26, 2009


University of Houston Campus

In honor of our precious miracle, Coy Christopher Kolkhorst, the Kolkhorst family is participating in the annual March of Dimes March for Babies on April 26, 2009. Coy is the reason we have joined together to raise money and participate in this event. We are praying that it will soon be discovered why babies are born prematurely or with birth defects so that other families will never experience this. All of you have played a special part in supporting Coy through the last fifteen months, and we would appreciate any additional support you can offer to help March of Dimes.

The March of Dimes champions the needs of moms and babies in our community and across the nation. The money we raise for March for Babies will support lifesaving research, services, education and advocacy that help babies get a healthy start.

Please click the following website to become a TEAM COY sponsor and find out more information about the walk and the March of Dimes organization.


If you prefer, we can also accept cash or check. Just click the appropriate box on the team webpage or mail checks payable to the March of Dimes to:

14807 Avila Bend
Houston, TX 77095

We appreciate any help that your hearts and wallets may allow.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I had another check up at the OB. It went much better than I had expected! Praise Jesus! My doctor is so comforting and really takes time to hear all my concerns (and there's a lot of them)! He said my cervix is still nice and closed and thinks at this point we're doing good. He said he is not concerned with my contractions until they're over 6 per hour, and at that point I'll be admitted into the hospital. Until then,(hopefully it never happens!) I'll be hanging out at home, praying, resting, hydrating, and monitoring.

Since, I've had more time on my hands lately, I decided the blog needed a spring cleaning. And, since I've been hearing so much about Twitter lately, I decided to join and make quick updates every now & then (you can see them on the right side of the page). Also, a sweet friend Allison, was so kind to make a Pray for Ann Marie button on the right side of the page. You can copy & paste the HTML code onto your blog if you'd like!

Coy is still doing wonderful. He stayed at his Grandma & Grandpa K's last night and said 'mama' for the first time! I missed it! When Chris told me this morning, my eyes welled up with tears. I miss him and I miss taking care of him and I feel guilty that I can't. I know it's only temporary, and I know we couldn't be more blessed with those taking care of him, but it's still difficult being away from him. My spirits lifted, when Coy got home this evening,crawled into our room, pulled up on the bed and said "mama." I was so happy to hear that! =)

Thanks again for all your love & support! We couldn't get through this without all the encouraging words and prayers!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Care Calendar

Hi, I'm Chris' sister, Jenny. So many of you have expressed the desire to help out, yet it's hard to really know what Chris, Ann Marie, and Coy need (besides lots of prayers!). My Sunday school class uses a website called CareCalendar to provide meals to families after having a baby. I thought that would be a way people could serve Chris and Ann Marie (and Coy, indirectly) throughout this difficult time.

It's pretty easy. You just go to the link below, type in the ID and security code, then sign up to bring a meal on a particular day. As of now, they are thinking just two days a week would be great...Tuesdays and Thursdays. If that changes (or anything else changes), I will update the calendar. My contact info is on the website (look under the "contact coordinator" tab), so please contact me if you have any issues/suggestions.

Please don't feel any pressure to help out in this area. I know there are going to be lots of ways to serve them in the next several months. But, if this is something you have a desire to do, then please check out the link below!

Thanks so much for all of the love, support, prayers, and encouragement you have given Chris, Ann Marie, and Coy over the past (almost) 16 months. Our families are so very appreciative of all you have done!

Here's the info:



I pray God showers His blessings over each and every one of you!


new pictures/bedrest day 2

Coy loves to play with Chris's golf clubs. Of course he can't really do much with it, but he's really proud of himself when he gets hold of one. Here are some pics from last weekend when we had some fun outside.

Coy saw his GI doctor on Monday and we got a great report. He thought his weight was good (19 lbs 8 oz) however decided to switch him from his regular formula to Pediasure. I can't believe we're done with formula! Well, sort of! He said we could also try whole milk mixed with Carnation Instant breakfast for the extra calories and nutrients, since it's alot cheaper. Of course, Coy would rather have the Pediasure! =)
Day two of bedrest is done. I did two, 1 hour monitoring sessions which showed only 1 contraction between the two of them. It's actually a really cool thing...once I record for an hour, I send the tracing through a phone line, and a nurse usually calls me within 10 minutes with the results. Please continue to pray that the contractions stop all together and my cervix isn't changing. Obviously, it's common for pregnant women to have Braxton Hicks contractions, however, the problem comes when they're actually changing your cervix (thinning/dilating). Therefore, they're not really BH anymore, but preterm labor. That's what we're trying to avoid/prevent/stop. I go back to the doctor on Monday afternoon and hopefully we'll get another cervical ultrasound. As of tomorrow, I'm 18w3d. So, still really early for all this to be starting. But, I am not doubting that we will get through this. The thought of losing our baby girl or enduring another NICU stay gives me this anxiety/fear that I can hardly process. I am casting all of that to God and believing in His word.
"If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, Move
from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for
Matthew 17:20

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bed rest: day one.

Although I've technically been "taking it easy" for a few weeks now, today was what I'm considering "day one". I've been hibernating on the couch the past few days, but today I decided it's best I stay in bed. When I'm on the couch, I'm too tempted to get up and do things.

I was set up with the home contraction monitor today and i'll be hooked up to it for one hour twice per day. The nurse who came to set it up was so sweet & nurturing; I really appreciated her kind spirit. The results from today looked great and didn't show any contractions. Of course, about 5 minutes after we took it off, my uterus tightened up. I don't even know how many braxton hicks I had today, not enough for me to worry. Please pray that I stop feeling all contractions and my cervix stays long!

Thanks for all your love and support. Not knowing why Coy was so early, I was hoping/praying that it would not be repeated and was some sort of "fluke". Unfortunately, it is pretty clear to me that undiagnosed preterm labor was most likely the cause. Hopefully this time we can get a stop to it and make it another 12 weeks at least!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pregnancy update

It seems that we've hit a few road bumps in the pregnancy lately. My weekly visits have turned into bi-weekly. My back started hurting at 16 weeks or so, then the GI upset began a few days later. This alarmed me of course, because I had the same symptoms when pregnant with Coy. Since we had no dignosis for Coy's early arrival, any and all symptoms I experience are taken seriously.

A few days ago, i started having random braxton hicks contractions. I was started on oral terbutaline and ordered to bedrest. Thank goodness for our amazing family that have been taking wonderful care of Coy! We are so blessed to be so loved and cared for. One of the toughest things in this is not being able to care for my little man. I still get to snuggle with him as much as possible and he even gave me a kiss yesterday! So sweet!

Despite rest, terbutaline, and lots of fluid, the contactions have continued to be worrisome. I was told to expect some uterine irritation due to the fact that my uterus already has a large incision in it. Today, my doctor thought my cervix felt "soft & short". Not words I was wanting to hear. He sent me for a cervical length ultrasound and the results were better than expected! My cervix is greater than 3 cm (I don't remember the exact number) but the ultrasound tech told me it was good. What a relief to hear that!

The game plan now is to get a home contraction monitor, continue the progesterone injections weekly, oral terbutaline q6h, magnesium every 4 hours, and complete bed rest except for bathroom privileges. At this point in the game, if anything takes a turn for the worst, it's still considered a "miscarriage". Terrible, I know, because our baby girl is fully formed, kicking, and filping all the time. If things continue this way, I will most likely be hospitalized from week 20 on. And, honestly, that would be a relief for me. I'd much rather be monitored super close, then be at home and have 30 minute drive to the hospital. Of course, I would miss Chris & Coy terribly, but know they'd visit often.

My doctor looked at me today and said "don't worry, we're gonna get you to 28 weeks.". I told him to not say that unless he really felt that way, which he reassured me he really did. Of course our goal is at least 36 weeks, and I'm not giving up on that. I will do whatever it takes to avoid the NICU again, but the rest is in God's hands. He has given me a peace and that is all I'm clinging to now. I'll be sure to update more often because I really hate that people worry about me.

Some scriptures I've been praying over this pregnancy are: Psalm 91:10-12, Isaiah 44:2, 1 Samuel 1:27, Ephesians 4:27, 1 Peter 5:7, Isaiah 41:11, and Psalm 112:7. If you'd be willing, please pray these scriptures for me! We are so appreciative!

Monday, March 16, 2009

One year at home! (and sibling update)

Saturday, March 14th marked the one year anniversary of Coy's homecoming from the NICU. I can't believe how fast the past year flew by! We have been so blessed to have our baby boy thriving, growing, and the absolute joy of our lives. He is doing so well and for that we couldn't be more thankful! He is babbling non-stop..."dadadada!" He says dada to everything. When I say "mama", Coy says "dada". Maybe one of these days he'll throw in mama too! =) Since he's been back into his crib, he's been sleeping through the night, every night. It's so nice to put him down at a decent hour and have some time to relax ourselves (at least for now)! He's making big strides in eating as well and likes to feed himself these days. And, his new trick is to clap at everything! So cute! Continue to pray for his progress!

As far as the new sibling goes...Coy will love HER! Yes, it's a GIRL! We are so excited! I am 17 weeks tomorrow and starting to take it easy as much as possible. Continue to pray for me and a full term baby please, I would appreciate it so much!

This is Coy one year ago...
And, this is Coy a few weeks ago..here is a video of Coy beating up his daddy...

Monday, March 9, 2009

More pictures!

Here are some pictures I took from this weekend! Chris turned the big 2-7 on Saturday, so we had a little family get-together.

Cousin Colby (8 weeks old)
Coy trying to beat up Grandma K with a golf club...

Okay, I didn't take this one, but they made me do it...15.5 weeks
Coy with his Great Grandpa Kolkhorst
After eating some dirt, studying a golf ball...
Fascinated by the pool...swim lessons here we come!
Cousin Ryder/ toddler genius

Attempting to walk with Grandma K...
Look Mom, no hands!
Cousin Macey with Grandma C...
Cousin Thomas with Coy
Coy with his two Grandma's...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are back on (yeah)! Here are some pics from this week...

...such a nice day to play outside shirtless! =)

He figured out how to crawl on concrete..
..and grass...
...so happy!
sweet cousin Colby!
...he decided to take his pants off (seriously) and crawl around like this inside too...

one thing he will never turn down is a Popsicle with daddy!
....one of his favorite things to do now is to look out all the windows...
" ...is daddy home yet?"

No Internet!

Sorry there's been no update lately...We've been without Internet/phone service since Monday morning. Someone somewhere keeps disconnecting our street from telecommunications! I'm writing this on my IPhone so it will be brief!

Coy is doing good except for the ongoing feeding struggles. We are continuing ST/OT weekly and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it soon! :). He is growing up so quickly and is babbling all the time! Baba is a constant, he's close to saying dada, but no mumbles of mama yet. He's also mastered taking juice from his sippy cup (for the first time this week) which is great! Please continue to pray for Coy's feeding/eating to improve!

I'm doing well too, already 15 weeks and starting to stick out! I go back for a checkup in one week from today, then I'll go weekly thereafter. Next week I will also start the 17P injections. I will get an injection weekly from 16-35 weeks which will hopefully help prevent Preterm Labor.

Hopefully our AT&T service will be back on today & I can upload some pics of the little man! :)