Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on Cydney

On Tuesday, Cydney was moved to Level 2 NICU. This was such an answered prayer because I was being discharged from my room and was going to have to leave her here in the hospital. The great thing about where we're at now is that they have private rooms (although tiny) and there is a small bed I can sleep in next to her. I remember that heart ache I felt when I had to leave Coy in the hospital and I just could not imagine having to do that again.

So, we're settled into our new room and working towards getting her home. She is still breathing all on her own and doing great. Her IV fluids were just stopped and if her glucose levels are stable, she will remain IV free. She was under the bili lights yesterday due to jaundice, but today that was stopped too. She does look a bit jaundiced to me tonight, so we'll see what her level is at this morning when they check it.

We also were able to try nursing today for the first time. She did great for her first attempt according to the Lactation specialist. Right now, her order is for once a day breast/bottle feeding, but that should be increased as Cydney gets the hang of it. The doctor said tonight that she was looking fantastic and to get her out of here, we just need her eating. She said she estimates a week or so before we are on our way home. She has a great suck and absolutely loves her pacifier, wakes up screaming and rooting---so hopefully she picks up nursing quickly!

For the first time in 15 weeks, I went home today for a few hours. It was surreal to ride in a car again, be in the free world, walk into my house, lay in my bed, and use my shower, etc. I've missed all the little things so much. Grandma K was at the hospital cuddling with Cydney, so I felt comfortable being away from her for a few hours. I also was able to spend time with Coy and I've missed my precious boy to pieces. He had the biggest smile on his face on the ride home and held my hand. I can not wait to get Cydney home so I can be with them both under one roof.

Thanks for all your continued prayers! Pray for Cydney's glucose levels to stabilize, for her to remain free of IVs, free of infections, for her to nurse like a pro, and for us to get out of here ASAP! I'll keep you updated!


Ann Glowacki said...

Wow... great news Ann Marie! I know you'll be home before you know it! I'm so glad she's doing well and wanting to nurse, that's fantastic! It's the best feeling in the world... I'm so happy you got to go home too, that must have felt wonderful! Take care... all 4 of you will be there soon and the hospital will soon be a memory!


Lauren said...

Everything sounds like it's going so well! The four of you will all be home, under the same roof very soon. I just know it!

Hilary said...

Great news!!!!

Lynne Piper said...

Ann Marie:

I'm just rejoicing in all this great news. My heart just feels full after reading this post. Thank You, Dear God, for hearing our prayers and blessing Ann Marie and Chris with this healthy baby girl. We take nothing for granted and know that it was only by Your hand that we were able to get this far. Amen.

The Silva's said...

Prayers are comming your way sweet firend!! I am so glad that Cydney is doing so well! Before you know it you will be home with your two little miracles!
Lots of love,

Amanda said...

I can't imagine how good it was to lay in your bed and shower in your own bathroom after so long. I'm thankful that Cydney is making great progress and I'll keep praying!

August said...

wow! that all sounds so exciting!! :o)

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm so excited to hear the good news. I'll continue to pray for all of you.

Robyn said...

What great news. We continue to pray for all of your family.

Holly said...

Congratulations! It is wonderful that Cydney is doing so good - we know how stressful those NICU stays can be! Sounds like yall will be out of there in no time! She is are doubly blessed!
Holly, Jeremy, and Cooper Smith

Michele said...

this is wonderful news. just great.

thank you for your inspirational comment on my blog. it helps so much to know that others have been here with success. God bless your beautiful family!