Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keep praying!

As of this morning, Cydney has been taken off CPAP and is breathing on her own!!! If she continues to do well, she'll be moved to Level 2 tonight. This would be great because they are private rooms and I could stay with her. I've been in the hospital for 15 weeks, but don't want to leave without my baby. She is the most adorable thing ever!

She is now a bit jaundiced so she is under the bili lights. She just wanted a suntan before going out into the world. :)
She is also having a little trouble keeping her glucose level stable and is therefore still on some IV fluid. Please pray that this stablizes so she can come off the IV. It is so painful for me to see her get stuck with the needles (she's already had 5 IVs and is only 4 days old).

We will attempt to breastfeed tomorrow as long as she continues to breathe well. Pray that she can suck, swallow, and breathe so we can get home ASAP!

I'm feeling good and walked the halls today. It felt great to be free of all pumps, IVs, and monitors and be human again.

Thanks for all your continued love & support. We can't wait to bring our BIG girl home and start living as our family of four.


lauren said...

She'll be home before you know it! Yippee!

Thoughts and prayers continue.

XOXO ~ Lauren

I am Trish Marie said...

You must be very anxious to get home. I am so excited to hear she is doing so well.

The Silva's said...

So glad to hear that she is doing well!! She is adorable:)!!! We are def still praying for you guys!!

Ashley said...

Hooray! I have checked the blog like crazy for an update! I am addicted to Coy....now Cydney! We will keep praying, sounds like she is tough like big brother! But Ann Marie...seriously...need more pictures!!!!

Elizabeth Myatt said...

What a blessing..hope things continue to go well and you are all home soon.

Snap said...

Praying that Cydney can come off the IV. Also that she can suck, swallow, and breathe so you can get home ASAP!

Amanda said...

Praying! Congrats on losing all your attachments.

Robyn said...

Glory to God! I'm agreeing with you in prayer that she'll be a pro with the suck, swallow, breathe and that you'll be nursing and home ASAP!