Tuesday, April 21, 2009

brighter days.

Do y'all love the new blog design? I am really excited about it! It was done by Kelly at Fabulous K! (...I love re-decorating, although my husband doesn't have the same appreciation for it...) =)

By God's grace, I have been feeling much better these past few days. The sun has been bright and my attitude has been cheery.

My schedule is basically the same each day, which helps make me feel more 'normal'. Now that I'm an 'established' patient, the nurses let me sleep in a bit. The first week I was here, they were coming in every 4 hours (even during the night!) to take my blood pressure and temperature. It was exhausting! I've said it before, but lack of sleep can really wear on me...I'm not one of those people who can survive on 4-5 hrs. My body needs at least 8 hrs or so, and that's no joke.

Between 7-8 am, I am up and ready to start the day. Pam, from dietary, greets me each morning with my breakfast (I have to say getting breakfast in bed every morning is NOT a bad thing)! I love to start the day reading from my Bible and various books by Max Lucado, Beth Moore, and Ruth Myers. It puts my head and heart focused on God, instead of the 'what ifs?' and 'how comes?' and 'why Me's?'.

Before I know it, lunch has arrived and I'm checking email, twitter, blogs, or all the above. I have to admit that eating is a struggle for me (always has been), seriously. I know that sounds crazy, but I don't have an big appetite, nor do I like much. To complicate that, my doctor recommends I get 100 grams of protein per day (that's a lot) and this hospital food is testing my strength. If I didn't have a baby to grow inside me, I think I might starve to death in here. Thank goodness for Ensure shakes and chicken tenders! =)

After lunch, the afternoon is spent reading and studying more, chatting on the phone, and watching some TV. I usually check to see what Dr. Phil and Oprah are about, although majority of the time I don't watch either.
After he gets off work, Chris arrives and stays with me every other night. It's nice to have him here with me, but I do feel guilty that we're both away from Coy (although, Coy's been so well taken care of, I don't think he's minding that much).

At 9pm, the nurse brings me Ambien (gotta love that) and it's lights out. I have been sleeping through the night, unless nature calls me to the bathroom. I'm continuously hooked up to the contraction monitor, so the nurses watch that 24/7. Even through the night, I am contracting 1-2 per hour (I sleep through it).

For those who want to know, Baby Sister does NOT have a name as of yet. Chris and I have yet to agree on something that we both love. I decided when the time is right, we'll know what her name is suppose to be. Until then, she is Baby Sister.

Tomorrow marks 22 weeks, Praise God! I will have another cervical ultrasound and a fFN test (it detects preterm labor...if the test is negative, there is a good chance you would NOT deliver in the next two weeks). Will you please pray my cervix is still long and unchanged from the previous two weeks? Please also pray the fFN test is negative and I will stay pregnant for 14 more weeks!

Thanks for all your continued prayers and love. I promise to update as soon as I know test results.


Amy B said...

Praying for you.

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

I love the new page!! So cute. Also I continue to pray for you every night. Hope you have a good day tomorrow

Shane & Ambra said...

I love the new layout! See how creative our minds are when we are tied to the bed! However, you are doing awesome! So proud of you....how brave, and sacramental you are. You are so focused on having "Baby Sister" keep baking in the oven. Lilly & I will be in the medical center in a couple of weeks. Would love to come by & bring you lunch. We are going to see Dr. Hittner for Lilly's eye check up. Talk to you soon. Please pray for Lilly's eyes & hopefully we will not have to go back for another year. Ya'll are in our prayers!!!
Chech out our blog.. this is what you have to look forward in raising a boy!! Ha!!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I will definitely continue praying.

amy said...

glad your days have been cheery! Love your new blog design! praying for you guys!

Lauren said...

Yay for 22 weeks!! I LIVED on the hospital's chicken tenders. They were easy to eat, and (somewhat) healthy. :)

Kirsten said...

Hi Ann Marie,

You’re right-breakfast in bed is NOT a bad thing! My name is Kirsten, and I'm a member of the public relations team that raises awareness for the fetal fibronectin test (fFN) test. I read your blog and thought you might like to become a fan of fFN on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/FullTerm-The-Fetal-Fibronectin-Test/39071689435). On our fan page we share the latest on fFN, prematurity and all things pregnancy.

Additionally, if you're interested in helping spread awareness about the benefits of fFN or receiving our quarterly newsletter, please contact me by emailing fFN@schwartz-pr.com. My team generates stories about the benefits of the test among women at high risk for delivering early in national, local and online outlets.

We're always interested in speaking with women who had the test and are willing to share their experience to make sure other, at-risk pregnant women know there is a test available to help predict premature birth.

I hope to hear from you.


~Holly~ said...

Love the new layout! I am praying for you guys!!!

Amanda said...

It looks great! I love it. I just prayed for you and will keep it up. I hope you have a wonderful day, friend!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog, I just had mine done as well.
I am glad that they are letting you sleep more. I think that broken sleep is sometimes harder on the body that no sleep at all.
I am still praying for you guys and glad that baby sister is still "baking." Will say specific prayers for your upcoming cervix check and fFN test.


The Silva's said...

Love teh new blog, prayed for you this morning, and will continue praying for you as always!!
Lots of love,

Tammi said...

Hi, I have never commented on your blog, but I have periodically checked in to see how your sweet baby Coy and new "Baby Sister" are doing. I am praying for you and your family, I cant imagine how you must be feeling, but know that "this shall pass too"...I also live in the Houston area, what hospital are you at? I know you must be a little bored and I seriously would love to stop in a say hello. I dont know what your hobbies are, but I recently learned to make jewerly (strings beads, then do the clasp, also earrings) and it is so simple and something I might could show you so you could have something to do to occupy your time. It is actually addicting. Seriously, I would love to give you a quick "jewelry 101"....I havent updated my blog since Dec (bad blogger) but here it is...http://tohearn14.blogspot.com/

Ashley said...

I have been praying for you and baby sister non-stop. I LOVE the new blog design. I am working on the last two weeks of my fitness challenge...if you are bored and need another blog to read: www.marethousemama.blogspot.com

Love and prayers to you - Ash

Tracy Bratten said...

Ree are you on twitter!? I have become such a twitterbug.