Sunday, April 19, 2009

take me out to the ballpark.

Chris's best friend and old college teammate, Paul, was in town this weekend with the Cincinnati Reds. Here are some pics of Paul & Coy before the game.


Mrs. Toro said...

So sweet!

amy said...

How fun! Coy looks VERY excited!

Vickirdh said...

I went to the Fri. and Mon. games of Astros vs. Reds. On Mon. I was sitting w/ the Reds fans and friends and family because my niece's boyfriend (Laynce Nix) left me 2 tix. Every time Paul got up to bat, they all cheered very loud. That name sounded so familiar and I finally remembered he had been Chris's teammate at Rice. I finally asked the guy next to me if Paul had gone to Rice and he said yes. Also he said that Paul is his cousin. Some of the people rooted only for the Reds, but others----like me and like the guy next to me----rooted for the Stros but then rooted for the one who left tix for them. When I rooted for Laynce, everyone turned around to see who his fan was. Anyway, it was fun---until we lost. Great pix! Chris should have gotten in the pic w/ Coy and Paul so we could have seen his cute face instead of the back of his head. :) I hope they had fun. Take care. Love and prayers, Vicki