Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bits and pieces

some info as of late...

1) Coy developed a rash yesterday and after being evaluated by the Pediatrician today...she diagnosed Measles! Good news is that he's no longer contagious and is feeling like his old self again. Bad news is that his cousin Ryder is now sick...pray for his healing!

2) Had another cervical ultrasound today. Tech said cervix still looked long, however, there was a tiny bit of shortening...3.5 to 3.2 (I think). I'll get a definite answer tomorrow morning when I see my doctor. All in all, she wasn't concerned. Praise God

3) I received two doses of steroids for Baby Sister's lungs. My doctor felt that it was best to go ahead and give them to me. At 29 weeks, I'll get another round.

4) Okay, I guess all the talk about Swine Flu was for good reason. A 22 month old passed away at Texas Children's Hospital on Monday from the virus. He was transported here from Mexico, but still, it's scary. I am praying for this family.

5) And, since there has been a confirmed fatality of Swine Flu in Houston, I am not wanting Coy to come up to the hospital. I miss him so much and haven't seen him since Saturday. Chris said he took a step on Monday night...he's growing up so fast!

6) Here is picture of Chris with Coy's sign at the March of Dimes walk on Sunday. I was so excited when he sent me this picture! Also, thanks to Aunt Mandy for all your hard work with orgainzing this year's team!

7) On Monday night, parts of Houston received a massive downpoor of rain. This is the view from my in-laws house on Tuesday morning (that is looking out from the front door). Many homes in their neighborhood flooded (although my in-laws house did not); please keep them in your prayers!
and finally...this is an old picture, but is he not the cutest thing on Earth? =)


Vickirdh said...

Hi, Ann Marie, I saw Mandy yesterday (after the flood waters cleared). She was telling me about Coy taking that step and about Ryder starting to run fever. Tell Jenny I'll be praying for a quick recovery for Ryder. I know it's going to be hard for you to be away from Coy and to miss these "firsts" in his life, but I think you made the right decision about keeping him away from the hospital. That's a very good place to pick up all kinds of germs. Oh, and Mandy brought me my Coy shirt too. Sorry I couldn't walk with everyone, but I love my shirt. Also, love the Coy sign, wow on the flood pic, and yes he is the cutest thing on earth. He looks soooo happy. I can't wait to get my hands on those pretty little teeth one day! (I hope) :)
I still have you all in my prayers. I'm praying that God helps ease this time for you away from your family--especially baby Coy--while you're up there keeping baby sister in the oven as long as possible. Take care. With love and prayers, Vicki

Sarah Shalley said...

AM, so glad that you're still feeling great and getting a good prognosis. That excites me and makes me smile.

ps, your sidebar says Homestead Photography and it should be Homeshade (right?). : )

Chris & AnnMarie said...

You are so correct, thanks so much for pointing that out! I didn't even notice it! =)

Amanda said...

Measles? Oh my goodness! Poor thing! I can't believe all the water in that picture. My parents are out of town. Maybe I should have gone over there and checked on things!

aMaysingfam said...

OMG, I don't believe he had the measles. I am glad he is feeling better. That is a LOT of water. Hope everyone was able to stay dry. And yes he is too cute. I love bath pictures, kiddos looks so cute in them.

Elizabeth Myatt said...

Hope things are going ok..still praying for you and checking in. Haven't heard from you in a few days...hope all is well there. Take care-
Elizabeth Myatt