Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 days ago...

...I was admitted into the hospital. Some days have flown by, and others have dragged on. But nevertheless, I am still pregnant, and so thankful!

Chris has been able to stay with me two nights this week. And, Coy is coming every other day or so. Yesterday he was so sweet and gave me lots of hugs and kisses (he even snuggled up next to me in bed and drank some juice). He is looking so mature these days; I can't believe how fast he's growing up.

I thought I was having a cervical length ultrasound today, but it is now scheduled for tomorrow. Pray that my cervix is holding strong and continues to do so! I am still contracting 1-2 per hour, and sometimes it's less frequent than that. Last night around 8pm, I had a few contractions in a row which the nurse was watching closely. She gave me some Ambien which knocked me out and stopped my 'uterine irritability.' Chris & I woke up this morning and he told me the nurse came in and gave me some Demerol around 11 pm (they can give this to me too if I start contracting a lot). I thought I had completely lost my mind because I didn't remember this at all. Turns out, Chris is the one who was out of it...he had dreamt it. I didn't get anything besides the Ambien (I was wondering why I wasn't feeling more loopy this morning)!

Thank you so much for all the encouraging emails and comments! A sweet lady emailed me yesterday to say she was in the hospital (laying flat) for 132 days while pregnant...she's my hero! I have it easy--I can get up and use the restroom & take a shower!

I have also met two other moms here...both very sweet and I'm so happy I have them to talk to. When my doctor came in yesterday, they were both in my room and he started laughing. I guess it was funny for him to see us 'high risk' women in wheelchairs chating about hospital life! =)

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13


Lauren said...

I am glad to hear you're doing well! I will pray for good results from tomorrow's ultrasound.

Don't you love Ambien sleep?!? It's the only way to get some good rest while in the hospital.

Have a good night!

aMaysingfam said...

Glad you are doing well. I pray the time passes quickly for you. I was worried about you when you had not posted as update. I am still praying for you.

Jennifer said...

Still checking in on you and so glad you're still hanging in there! That's so nice you're able to have other girls to talk to in your situation - who says you can't have a social life in the hospital? :)

Hang in there and I'll continue praying for you and that sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

Still praying. I can't imagine being in the hospital for weeks on end. Hang in there.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you have some friends to visit with!

The Blowey Bunch said...

I hope your days and nights there at the hospital will be sweet because they will be short and God will use this time greatly to teach you many unssearchable things about Himself if you let Him. I am so glad that you are there in the midst of a soverign God who will guide your every step and has His hands ALL OVER the miracle growing inside! blessings
*Keri Sparks Blowey*

The Silva's said...

Still praying for you, and so are the boys - remember Jay prayed that Coy would come home and not scribble on your walls? Well now he is praying that your sweet little girl will come home and pull on Coy's hair:) Jay said Coy will have more hair when the "new baby" comes home. He is too silly!!! Keep me updated!
Lots of love,

Hilary said...

Glad you and little missy are still hanging in there :) Praying like crazy for you and your family!

amyoutlaw said...

Yeah! I'm glad all is still going well.