Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer Request--RSV & ear infection

We learned today that Coy has come down with a 'mild' form of RSV and has a double ear infection. He started having some congestion on Sunday, however, it was mild and he wasn't coughing or acting sick by any means. We went to our scheduled Pulmonary check up on Monday and the doctor said he looked great, his lungs and ears were "clear as a whistle." Last night I noticed his breathing was more labored than usual, so we hooked him up to the pulse ox and he was sating 97-98%. This morning I thought he sounded wheezy so I brought him into the Pedi for a check. After listening to him, she said she thinks he has a mild form of RSV and his Synagis shots have kept it from becoming worse. She also discovered his double ear infection. Poor baby. He was more fussy than usual yesterday, but being that we were just at the doctor 24 hrs before, I thought no way he is sick. I guess I was wrong. We are at home and have a nebulizer machine to do albuterol treatments every 4 hours and have an antibiotic for his ear infection. Although he is sick, he is still playing and active. However, when sleeping he is definitely breathing harder. We still have oxygen in the house if needed, however, he's still sating good on our monitor. Please pray for him to fight this RSV infection quickly and for it to leave no damage to his respiratory abilities. I am frustrated that although we take so many precautions to keep him well, he still came down with the one thing we were trying so hard to avoid. I am very thankful for the Synagis shot and now know why we get those every month! Thanks for your prayers!


RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'll be praying for all of you.

Vicki Willis said...

Ann Marie and Chris, I will certainly keep Coy and the two of you in my prayers. I really enjoyed the big hug I got from Coy last week. He's such a sweetheart. Thank God his RSV is mild and that he hasn't been affected too much by it. I pray that God will continue to heal Coy and that this will be just a minor blip on Coy's long journey through life. With love and prayers, Vicki

Ann Glowacki said...

Oh Ann Marie, I'm so sorry. I will say lots of prayers that Coy gets over both his ear infections and the RSV very soon. It is so great that he's getting the Synagis. It just goes to show that you can't be too careful (I know how careful you've been!) I'm so sorry and I hope Coy is feeling better soon. I know it's no fun having a sick baby... Jaxson was sick on and off for over 6 weeks through the holidays. Ugh. I'm sending healthy vibes and hugs you way!


Hilary said...

Get better Coy :)

The Silva's said...

Ree, I am so sorry to hear that!! I will be praying for you guys!!!
Love ya,