Saturday, January 31, 2009

speech therapy/cardiology appt

This past Tuesday Coy had his Speech Therapy evaluation and a Cardiology follow up appointment. It was a busy day, but a good one! We were at Speech therapy bright and early (for us anyway!) at 9 am. The therapist was very kind, reassuring, and helpful. After I explained our daily routine and struggles, she watched Coy eat some goldfish, graham crackers, and Gerber puffs. She said he's not really "chewing" food, however, allowing the food to dissolve, then swallowing it. I have no idea why it took me going to ST to figure that one out! It makes sense why he isn't interested in all table food...he simply can't handle it in his mouth. We are going to return once per week to work on his oral motor control, language, etc. I left feeling SO encouraged and hopeful. She said she thinks Coy will work through this and she doesn't see eating being a long term issue for us. Thank you God! If you could all pray for Coy to progress and for his oral motor control to strengthen, that would be greatly appreciated! Also, for my patience & endurance, I can never get enough of that! :)

Then it was off to his Cardiology appointment. Oh, how I will never understand why doctors schedule you for 12:30 when they actually don't see you until 3pm! Yes, we waited for 2.5 hours for the doctor to come in and tell me he looks great. Thanks! He had an EKG that didn't show his usual WPW (this doesn't mean he doesn't have it, WPW sometimes doesn't show up). We stopped his beta blocker back in December and the doctor wants him to wear a 24 hour holter monitor to make sure all is well. I tried to explain that the chances of him actually keeping it on for 24 hrs was slim to none! He is so strong now and it took 4 of us to hold him down just to get the EKG! We will attempt the holter and do the best we can! If all looks good on the holter report, we don't have to return for 1 year! :)

Chris and I have allowed our little man to sleep in our bed the past few months. The reason being because he was not wanting to sleep in his crib and out of exhaustion, we threw him in our bed. I know for some this is a big 'no-no' and I was one of those people who said I'd never put my kid in our bed. However, it is nice to snuggle with him and wake up to his smiling face. I didn't get to breastfeed him and all that, so it is a sweet way to bond. However, I have been growing more and more resistant to it, simply because I want to get Coy in a good routine where he goes to sleep early, gets up earlier, and we have time to get all his meals and bottles in during the day. Also, when the new baby comes, I want him in a solid routine where he feels comfortable. Chris is out of town this weekend, so I decided to give it a try last night. It only took an hour of crying/shushing/reassuring/patting to get him asleep in his bed! He woke up a few times during the night, however fell back asleep easily. I woke feeling so encouraged! Yeah! So if you could pray for continued progress in the sleeping department, that would be awesome!

Coy will see the Pulmonologist on Monday, then will have his repeat sleep study next Tuesday, Feb 10th! Please pray this goes smoothly and he passes with flying colors!

As far as my pregnancy goes, I am feeling much better the past week or so. I had a rough 3 weeks with the all day sickness/ vomiting. I am not sure why they call it 'morning sickness', it sure doesn't discriminate to the morning hours. Other than being tired and trying to rest when Coy does, I am feeling good. After my last appt, my doctor said I didn't need to come back for 3 weeks. So, I return a week from Tuesday and will be about 12 weeks. Next Thursday, I will see a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor for another ultrasound. If all looks well, I will have cerclage placed the following week (they will stitch my cervix shut, sounds fun huh?!). Thanks for all your prayers and support! I am keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus and not being consumed with all the worries pregnancy can bring. I cannot even tell you how much better my heart feels this time around. :)


Ann Glowacki said...

Great news, Ann Marie!

Sounds like Coy is doing fantastic! He is getting so big and is just adorable! I am so happy that you are feeling well and have a sense of peace... I hope next time around for me will be the same. I'm sending lots of hugs and happy pregnancy vibes your way!

Best wishes,


Amanda said...

It is so awesome to hear you say that your heart feels so much better this time around. That is such a testimony of our God! Way to keep your eyes fixed on Him! I have prayed for the things you mentioned and am believing God for great things.

Robyn said...

Agreeing with you in prayer. And I know you can do the sleep routine!! If you make it through the first night, it's all downhill from there.
Take it from us--we raised 3 with terrible sleep habits until they were between 12-15 months. Eventually we (and they) got it together, too. :-)
However, while it is nice to snuggle, it's also nice to sleep...but they seem to snuggle in daytime hours when they sleep in their own bed.
Praying for Coy and the new baby and you & Chris.

abby said...

Congratulations, both on Coy doing so well and on the pregnancy. I hope yours is as uneventful as Sharon's was and lasts just as long, too!

I have no advice on how to handle the sleeping, since we've raised a chronic co-sleeper and while that has made Hallie very snuggly, I foresee a struggle with the new baby. Sigh.

But I do have a good recommendation of a pediatric dysphagia book that our feeding therapist brought by. It's called The Source for Pediatric Dysphagia by Nancy Swigert. I can try to look through it if it has any practical advice on chewing practice (Hallie chews now--never used to--but she chews so thoroughly that it take about forever to eat anything with real solidity like a piece of apple. Not practical if you are trying to get through a meal this millenium!)

MeghanM said...

I just found your blog and am amazed by your story. God is good! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

ps. our sons share 12/3/07 as a birthday! What a great day!

I am Trish Marie said...

Emmi had to have therapy for the same thing. I loved the therapist that we saw for it. Don't know where you are going for services, but Speech Emporium is spectacular. We still use them for Emmi's regular speech therapy. I highly recommend them!

I am playing catch up on blogs, as I have been sick. CONGRATS!!! I am so excited to hear you are pregnant!