Tuesday, December 18, 2007

you gotta take the bad with the good...

From the get go, we've been told there will be good days, there will be bad days; just hang on for the ride...

I must start by praising God for all he's given to us, all he's done for our baby boy.."Many people followed him and he cured them all." Matthew 12:16
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just a little frustrated tonight...

This morning (like every morning) we called to see how Coy was doing; the nurse said he was started back on antibiotics last night (Vancomycin--which can cause low urine output--something Coy's been struggling with for the past week) for an infection....this confused us because last we heard his blood cultures were negative; according to our nurse, he had more cultures drawn (that we weren't told about) and they are growing bacteria...she also told us last night he was requiring more oxygen than normal, which usually means they are getting sick...although, the nurse practitioner said he didn't look "sick" because he's still very active, (usually babies with infections are very limp and weak) and his color still looks good; they will now have to draw blood cultures (take lots of blood!--this is why he needs so many transfusions!) every morning until they get negative cultures, then he will stay on the antibiotics for 10 days following...they may have to pull out Coy's central IV line (PICC line) if they continue to get positive cultures---please pray that Coy stays as "pain free" as possible; as a mother, it hurts me every time he is poked with a needle, regardless how small it is--I know however it is necessary for his care; I just don't want him to be in pain...
So a few steps forward, a few back...just pray for God to cure Coy of this infection; to keep him fighting and mighty!

The good news is he can continue on the hydrocortisone study...please continue to pray for healing and maturing of Coy's lungs...he had a wonderful blood gas (checks pH of the blood, amount of O2 & CO2 also) so they were able to wean down his ventilator some; then the next blood gas wasn't as good--actually it was a lot worse; so they will continue to monitor this tonight...

His urine output has picked up the past few days so they were able to stop the Dopamine (yes, I sleep with my fingers crossed!!) and we pray it stays in normal range....
So since the Dopamine was stopped they will restart feeds tomorrow---please pray tonight that Coy will tolerate my breast milk and it will nourish his body just perfectly!

The MAJOR news today---Head U/S did NOT show a bleed!! Praise God for this; my mother-in-law, Kathy Kolkhorst, says she knows God just has his hands around Coy's brain protecting it from bleeds! Thank you Lord!

....and Coy has opened his Left eye!! He has a beautiful blue eye! hehe! The right eye is still fused, but should open soon---they say it is normal for the eyes to open one at a time (although funny looking)---this afternoon, I saw Coy open his eye, I started waving to him like a crazy woman, and then he shut it quickly--I can only imagine what he was thinking in there "oh no, that's my mom!"

So, as you can tell we have so much to be thankful for tonight! The frustration is leaving my body as I write this and am reminded of all the good God is doing! We are so blessed! I have no reason to complain; no reason to doubt that the Lord is in control.

Please pray for a family who lost their baby tonight--very unexpected as this baby was a 40 weeker


Reyne said...

ebxpubfDear Chris and Ann Marie,
I know today may not have been all good, but you got great news about the ultrasound of Coy's brain, and you got to see one eye open! How special is that?!? I believe like Kathy that God is really protecting him and keeping him safe. He's got a long way to go, but with each day major milestones are reached. Sometimes there may be stumbling blocks along the way, but remember that all things are possible with God. You two look so peaceful in the pictures holding Coy and you know that positive energy is flowing right into him. Keep focused on the positive and let God handle the rest! Our love and prayers are with you!
Reyne and family

Mary said...

Ann Marie, you know when he opened his eye, he thought "oh, my mommy is as beautiful as the angels whispered to me." He must have quickly shut his eye to continue his dreams!... God has sent his holy angels to watch over your precious little boy. I pray God answer the prayers in your heart.

deniece kelley said...

Dear Ann Marie and Chris,
Along with many others, I pray daily for Coy, and for the two of you. I know that many prayers have been answered and that many more will as well. Stay strong, and continue to lean on God. Know that we are here if you need us and that we love you all! "Aunt Deniece"

mariachert said...

Chris & Ann Marie:

I pray for you two, Coy and your families every night, for God to send you all the Strength you need to make it through each day and to keep you all warm with Love.

Stay strong!
God Bless,
Tiffany Mariacher

The Van Fam said...

Oh, you had me laughing towards the end of that one.

I know today wasn't the best of days, but it's that little reminder that we must be on our knees at all times and pray that much harder.

Horray for no bleeds. We will pray for the infection and that it's as mild as can be!!!

It sounds like you've already got quite the character on your hands. I could picture the eye shutting back...did you see if there was an eye roll as well? I swear JD has already learned to roll his eyes at me! LOL!

Our prayers will continue,
The Vandagriffs

The Silva's said...

Ann Marie & Chris,

We are praying daily for that little guy, his mommy and daddy, and the rest of your families!!! We pray each day that this little angel with the big attitude continues to have a big attitude!! Fight little man fight. God has His hands wrapped around all of you through this trying time. Lord please guide this family, continue to give them strength each day and courage every minute of every day. Continue working your miracles in Coy, free him from this current infection and keep him free of all future infections. Father, we pray that Coy is pain free and that he can continue to remain pain free through out this process. Guide the doctors and nurses that surround him, give them the wisdom and knowledge to care for Coy. Heavenly Father we know that you are watching out for Coy and his family, please look after all the babies and families that are in need.

How exciting to see that one little eye!! I am with Stephanie on the rolling of the eyes; they roll them so young now!! Imagine, in a dew days you could be seeing both eyes!! Before you know it he will be rolling his eyes at you too, saying “Gosh, mom,” or “Do I have to?”

I have to add that my little ones have begun to pray for Coy as well, after dinner each night they ask how he is and if there are any new pictures of him and his “fambly” (My four year old sounds a little like Rudolph with the dirt on his nose, and that is his regular voice). They were just tickled to pray for him to pee!! Jay (the four year old) has also prayed that Coy not pee on his mommy or daddy, only in his diaper (he had a bad experience with my nephew when we were changing his diaper), and he has prayed for Coy not to scribble on your walls. Ree, fear not, this will be an active prayer from Jay (I am not sure why, maybe he has internal conflicts with scribbles on the walls) and myself as a mother of two scribblers. So along with all the other prayers that we pray each day your walls are being prayed for too!

Again, Lord we pray that these treatments are working, that his vitals remain stable, we pray for no bleeds, we pray for pee (insert tiny little boys’ giggles), we pray that his mother’s milk may give him all the nourishment he needs, and that his tiny tummy can accept the milk with little to no difficulties, we pray that he is pain free, infection free, and that he opens both eyes (another addition made by the four year old, he said “Momma, if he only opens one eye he will have to grow up to be a pirate” Umm, yes son, I am most certain that will be the only option), we pray that the lord continues to strengthen Coy’s body and lungs each day, we pray that you are able to continue with the kangaroo care, we pray for the continued strength of Ann Marie and Chris and their families. With that I will end this, and please let us know if there is anything you guys need!!!

Lots of love and prayers,
Megan, AJ, and Jay

The Hulett Family said...

We continue to pray daily for all 3 of you. God sure is holding Coy in His hands pretty tight. I was so happy o read no brain bleeds!! What a relief that must be. Keep your head up and your thoughts positive and know your prayers are heard. Coy is tough and will beat the infection just like he has beat all the other odds against him. Stay strong little fella!