Monday, December 17, 2007

Little man, Big attitude!

So our little man has a LARGER than life attitude! He likes things done his way or he will throw a fit! His "fits" include: waving arms and legs around, wrinkling his forehead, and holding his breath!! Yes, he holds his breath and scares his mother! Today, I was in awe of his little personality--he is just the cutest thing, the pictures really don't do him justice--mothers bias maybe?? He really didn't like his blood pressure or temperature taken today; his oxygen levels would drop some and he would try to swat at the nurse--he's such a little stinker. He's already his father's child; he must get his sweetness from his mother; hehe ;)

We must praise the Lord; we pray(ed) for increased urine output and today the Lord answered our prayers! this morning his output was still low, but by the afternoon, he was soaking his diapers! Lord, please allow our baby to continue to urinate effortlessly with appropriate output!

He had another brain ultrasound this morning but we have not be notified of the results--please pray tonight for the Lord to protect Coy's brain and keep it free of bleeding, and for it to be developing appropriately!

So we had another wonderful day of Kangaroo care--I was able to hold Coy for 3 hours! I had a mirror and was able to watch his face; he's even cuter than I thought! The most fun is to hear him chew on his tubes; he smacks his little gums together---today he even tried sucking his thumb; it really was the sweetest thing to witness.

Today Coy is 2 weeks old; he weighed in at 1 lb 8 oz tonight! He is such a blessing from God! We feel so lucky to have Coy and to have such wonderful support and prayers! We thank each of you for being "prayer warriors" for our little boy! The Lord is listening, he is answering our prayers! I wish each of you could come see Coy; to see the difference in his appearance over the past two weeks is just amazing! Continue to ask God for healing; praise him for all he's given us!

P.S. Our nephew, Ryder Sanchez, is one month old today! Praise God for giving us such a wonderful baby! He loves to eat (all the time!) After Ryder was born, I was nicknamed "the baby hog" because I just fell in love with him; when I was holding Ryder, Coy would kick me constantly. Coy was insanely jealous of his cousin and he decided to make an early arrival to steal all the attention! We know one day they will be great buddies! The picture below is of me & Ryder when he was a few days old!


Amanda said...

Go God! Go Coy! Your family has been blessed with two precious little boys. They are both so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Anne Marie, I have never met you, but I remember Chris from high school when he and my sister, Suzi were good friends. My heart and prayers go out to your little family. What beautiful boy you have!

djcpa said...

We continue to praise God for the miracle of God's protection and nurturing. Coy is truly in very good hands. And he has terrific parents. I look forward to when Chris can rejoin us for BSF. It will be wonderful to hear Chris share how God has blessed your family.
John Ma's son has a website - - please contimue to pray for God's wonderful hand on James and the whole Ma family.

God bless you three!

Dan Hodgson

CherylStJ said...

Rejoicing with you!

Jennifer said...

We just saw the web site for the first time today. We just wanted to let you know that you guys and of course Coy are in our prayers every day. Luke is praying for him too, in his nightly prayer routine. We are so happy to hear that things are going so well and we will continue to pray that they stay just that way. We want you to know if you need anything let us know for we are only a few doors down.

Jennifer, Derrick, Luke and Will Haas