Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Right Eye / Milk -- Chris

Ann Marie deserves the night off as she is currently suffering from the milking blues. For those of you unfamiliar with this condition, it means she is tired of pumping milk every two hours day and night! Wow, being a mom is hard work. Much respect for all you moms out there.

Coy had a solid day. The two highlights of the day were him opening his right eye (he mastered winking yesterday) and being able to re-start his feedings of breastmilk. This is great news as he has been off of mama's milk for almost a week. We give thanks for this and pray that he will be able to tolerate his feedings going forward.

Coy still has an infection that his doctors are treating. Please pray that the antibiotics he is on will wipe the infection out completely and pray for his urine output to remain sufficient.

Ann Marie and I continue to be amazed by your support. We are forever grateful to our families, friends, employers, and co-workers.

I'll close with a verse we've been saving for this special day when his eyes were both opened. We feel it is perfect.

"But my eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign Lord; in you I take refuge -- do not give me over to death."


The Van Fam said...

Ahh...yes. I can so relate. I only pumped with JD and it was so hard. I have such pitty on cows now.

I have nursed this one and pumped on occasion. It's a lot easier but your schedule still revolves around another's eating habits. I am 7-11!! Oh, but it's so worth it...

I am glad that sweet Coy had a good day and pray that the infection clears soon. How precious he must look with those eyes fixed on Mommy and Daddy!

CherylStJ said...

My heart went out when I saw that tiny heel with the bandaid. Prayers that Coy is pain free. Also, Lord, please protect the delicate skin on his cheeks and nose from the tape in Jesus name.

Kirk Eaton said...

Chris And Ann Marie

What a blessing you two and your son have become to so many people. I check this blog every day only to be amazed at the courage and strength of Coy. And, then the FAITH of his parents is a clear sign of where that courage and strenght comes from. Out of this situation your entire family has become a clear instrument of God. What a blessing you guys have given us all. You are the modern day "Job" fixing your eyes on the Lord and showing us all what real faith is all about. Bless you all.

Kirk Eaton

Amanda said...

Ann Marie, I will be praying for your pumping perseverance! I nursed my son for a year and I absolutely hated pumping. I sympathize with you having to do that so often. Every time Jackson gets sick he seems to get a pretty minor version of whatever it is. And he hardly ever has a high fever. His doctor thinks its because he was breastfed. Yay, it was worth it! Hang in there and know that you are giving your boy the absolute best and he will benefit from it greatly. Also, consider eating oatmeal for breakfast because it will increase your milk production. Blessings to you!

Susan Bowman said...

Sweet Ann Marie, be encouraged and persevere! I know it is so hard, but just think, our Almighty God designed and prepared this special formula just for Coy, to be the perfect nourishment and sustenance just for him. No other is exactly like it! Many years ago, God used nursing to demonstrate how He loves us. Just as a mother's milk MUST be released and given away, so too, His love MUST be released and given away to HIS children! Persevere Sweet One, our mothers' hearts go out to you, Chris and Coy.

Emily Franks said...

Anne Marie and Chris,
Thank you for your updates - each one brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy for your reliance on our Lord God, the mighty healer. I can see your faith growing each day by how God is there for both of you in all the little steps Coy is making.
I will pray for you specifically to be filled with joy and grace as you go through your own tough time. I pray you will be filled with perserverance to through this journey - what better prize than your sweet little man when he comes home!
I love that y'all share with us that he winked at you - it is amazing how such small things in life can give us such joy! God bless your family and keep your eyes on Jesus. He will bring you comfort when you need it most.

Robyn said...

Rejoicing in the opening of precious little eyes. Praise God for His healing hands around Coy's head and brain. No bleeds in the name of Jesus!!!

Ann Marie--I empathize with the pumping. Nursed all 3 of mine and when the baby spent a mere 2 days in the NICU, I had a small taste of what you are going through. I know it's hard, but I'm praying and believing that Coy will be nursing from YOU in short time.

Love and prayers from Nebraska,

shelly meyer said...

Chris & Ann Marie, I look forward to reading your blog every evening and am reminded of how loving our God is. Your faith in the Lord is such a powerful witness even tho you may never know how many you are witnessing to! Please know that I am pounding the gates of heaven with prayers for your precious baby boy. I look forward to meeting him face to face and especially to hold him!!! Love, Shelly Meyer

Anonymous said...

Wed 12/26/07
Chris and Ann Marie,
I have not ceased to ask God to work in your lives, and to keep all of you safe through this time. May God always bless you.
Doug Dillman