Saturday, December 22, 2007

We need pee!

Just a quick update on Coy....

Yes, we again need prayers for pee! Since Coy has been back on the antibiotic Vancomycin, his urine output has dropped dramatically! The poor little thing is swelling everywhere; his tiny little hands and feet are puffy. The Lasix (or Lactose and Latex as my parents called it) they gave him yesterday and today, has not worked; He has fluids going in, however, not much is coming yes, please pray for Coy's urine output to increase and for it to stay sufficient...please pray he is able to excrete the extra fluids he is retaining.

His last two blood cultures have both come back positive; meaning the infection is still present...please pray that this antibiotic is effective in getting rid of this infection & that the antibiotic is not harming our little man....when neonates get infections, they're platelets & RBC levels drop, so tonight Coy will receive a transfusion of platelets and RBCs; please pray for him to tolerate these and that a secondary benefit to receiving them will be they help with his urine output!!!

We must praise God for Coy's "good" blood gases all day! It seems the change in vent settings yesterday really helped Coy with breathing! His blood gases have been better than ever; although his oxygen requirement has increased---please pray Coy continues to have wonderful blood gases and they are able to wean down the ventilator!!!

Thank you to all of you who are begging the Lord for our little man and his specific needs. We are so thankful! Coy is so thankful! We trust in the Lord that he is taking care of our baby, that he rests comfortably at night, that he will protect him for harm.


Robyn said...

I'm praying for Coy (and you) daily. However, I had to interject a little bit of a lighter note into this. I know it's hard in the day-to-day, but I want you to know that God cares about EVERYTHING, even pee.

Keep that in mind in about 3 years when you are trying to potty train a precious BOY!!! Having potty trained two boys so far, I guarantee we'll be praying about pee (and poop!) again down the road.

Much love and continued prayers! I know God is the Great Physician and I continually praise Him for healing Coy. Please know you are loved and prayed for!