Friday, December 28, 2007

quick update

here's a quick update on Coy from today....

His urine output has decreased again...the doctors are now relating this to the Vancomycin (Duh, didn't I say this last week??)
So are main concern still remains the infection...PLEASE PRAY FOR NEGATIVE BLOOD CULTURES!! As soon as we can rid this infection, Coy can stop the Vancomycin!!
We still need continued prayers for: mature lung function, to rid the infection, urine output to stabilize, brain development, Coy tolerates all feedings, oxygen requirement decreases, good blood gases....

Thanks and GOD BLESS you all!


Rilda Peel said...

Thank You Jesus for touching this little one in a way that only you can. Bringing Him close to your heart so He hears your heart beat and your voice. Speaking life into Him for complete and total healing. Bringing all that is wrong to make it right is your pleasure and desire. I love you for what is going to happen for the miracle to consume this precious one. Knowing you love all the children of the world I decree and declare all is well with his soul. In Jesus' Holy Name!

tasha said...
here is a link with some images.
i think i am in love with your little guy just from reading your blog and watching God work.

sherrillfamily said...

Good to see the vanc thing got figured out!
Hope all cultures come back negative.
we will be down later. Hope to see you.
Dinner sometime???

John and Kelly

Muggle Mom said...

what beautiful pictures!!! he is so cute!!!! prayers will continue!

nicole (suzi's sister)