Saturday, December 15, 2007

prayers please!

Chris & I feel so blessed to have spent another wonderful day with our baby boy. I got to hold him again, this time for 3.5 hours!! Chris will get his chance at holding him tomorrow, I guess I can give him up for a little while! We are bonding with him so much now; it gets harder and harder to leave him!

The doctors are kinda perplexed at Coy right now; his urine output still isn't where they want it to be; however he's losing weight---not much, but if he's not urinating enough, he should be retaining his weight or even gaining....
So, he's still on the Dopamine & they will just watch & wait. Unfortunately, he can't eat again (breast milk through his OG tube) until he's off the dopamine...

So, please pray for his urine output to increase and stabilize!! Also continue to pray against infection, brain bleeds, PDA, GI intolerance!

Tonight we truly saw the Lord working---the baby next to Coy pulled out his ET tube (tube connected to a ventilator that goes into trachea) and at that very minute 2Transport nurses (nurses who go out on Life Flight or EMS) happened to be standing there...(they are the only nurses allowed to intubate) So, this really is an emergent situation, however God placed these nurses next to this baby's bedside!! They could have been standing next to any of the other 100 babies on the unit, but they weren't; they were standing next to the baby that needed them at that very second! I couldn't believe it! Of course they got the tube back in & the baby stabilized...pretty scary to witness, but reality in the NICU.

Please pray tonight for all the babies in the NICU. I am feeling guilty because I am always there with Coy; but SO many babies have absolutely no visitors! I am there all day, everyday and literally have not seen one person visit two of the babies close to Coy; so please pray for all of these angels, that they will feel the same love and comfort that Coy does.....

We are so appreciative of all the love and support! It's just amazing to see how God is working through our little man!


Todd Kolkhorst said...

chris and ree-
it's so awesome to read and keep up with coy everyday, much like many other people this has become my daily ritual. Email, facebook, then prayforcoy. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the updates, and at times like these we realize how real God is.

So I was listening to my iPod today, and I heard this song and It made me think of Coy. And for some reason I just couldn't stop thinking that this must be Coy's Prayer.

"Your Grace is Sufficient"-Shane & Shane

"Your Grace is sufficient for me,
Your strengh is made perfect when I am weak,
all that I cling to,
I lay at your feet,
your grace is sufficient for me.."

I am totaly confident that God's strength is showing how perfect it is through Coy's weaknesses, and it's totally real, and evident and living and working.

Especially in this time of year, it's so humbling to witness God's power and strength being brought to life though a little baby.

Susan Bowman said...

I prayed with CyFalls MOMS IN TOUCH for a generation of Kolkhorsts. What an honor and a privilege it is to pray for a new generation and to be a small part of what God is accomplishing among your family. When I read the testimonies and comments of those I used to pray would pass tests, have arms healed, make the try-outs, get the scholarship, etc. it is thrilling! Chris and Ann Marie, I admire your faith and humility as you ask for prayer, not only for your own child, but also for others you encounter. I cannot help thinking that, though you would not have chosen it, God has put you in this time, in this place, in this situation for HIS kingdom purposes. You may never know (until we're all in Heaven!)how many lives have been touched (and perhaps saved) through your little Coy and your faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you! You, Coy and your family remain in my prayers.