Sunday, December 16, 2007


Susie P. said...

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, we know that You knew and planned Coy long before You knit him in Anne Marie's womb. Father, we thank You that Your healing power is alreay strengthening him. Lord we thank You that his organs are maturing, his chemistry and blood levels are regulating normally and You are blessing this child. Lord Jesus, I pray the peace of Your Holy Spirit over his parents and Lord that You give them the wisdom to make the decisions You would have them to make in spite of what some physicians may suggest. We thank You Father God that even these physicians will have to confess with their mouths that Coy is YOUR miracle. In Jesus' Mighty Name, AMEN!

debbies311 said...

Dear Chris and Ann Marie,
This is SuziQ's mom, Debbie. She sent me a link to your website. I am in tears as I write this...Coy is a beautiful little fighter. Your love for him and for your Savior leap off my computer screen. With your permission, I would like to add Coy's name to our temple prayer's obvious that the Lord is mindful of this little guy as I read of so many prayers already being answered and if He gets a few hundred more prayers, that can't hurt can it??!!
It's so funny as a mom, and remembering y'all from our days in Houston and here y'all are married and now parents yourselves. It's times like this that I realize I'm indeed getting older! God bless your precious family!

Jeri said...

Hi Chris and Annmarie,
My name is Jeri Grothues. Wiley and Lisa Tarver are my daughter,Hannah's, godparents. I was privileged to be in the delivery room with them as both their girls were born. I'm including a link of hope:

I knew I'd read an article in People this summer about a baby weighing under one pound. She weighed ten ounces and was nine inches long, born under 22 weeks. This article was written about her first birthday and she is one fat baby!

I believe very strongly about praying for specifics and having read your posts, you must as well.

I pray that Coy's organs continue to mature and develop in order to do the work they need to.

That Coy receives continued comfort from "kangarooing" with his mom and dad and that they are able to tune out the world and be one with their son while bonding with him.

That his oxygen sat rates stay where they need to be. That his blood pressure is perfect!

God, please comfort Coy's parents with the sure knowledge that though these days seem endless, when he's crawling around at home, these days will seem like a whisper in time. Hang in there and most of all, hang onto your faith that He will provide for you both and your son. Jeri

sthomp10 said...

Hi Chris & Ann Marie,

I have FALLEN in LOVE with Coy!!! he's simply the most precious and GOD Blessed GIFT/MIRACLE that you two could ever receive!...My encouragement to you both is that you CONTINUE holding on to Coy's creator. God made NO MISTAKE in your womb Ann Marie!! He knows Coy's END to his BEGINNING is what the Word of God says. Since Heaven & Earth shall pass away and HIS Word HOLD FAST to the Word of God! That is your ROCK & FOUNDATION! While God is strengthening this Warrior of yours'...he's building FAITH & TRUST in you two as well. This whole process has PURPOSE!

On behalf of myself, The Florida & Dallas Prayer Groups, we STAND in TOTAL Agreement with you both (Matt. 18:18-19) and Chris you couldn't have referenced the POWER of God with any better scripture than that of Ezek. 37:6~ MY GOD! the spirit of the Lord quickened me when I read that. I read it over and over and over until it STOOD UP TALL in me!...the latter part of that scripture denotes that HE is God and God ALONE! Our group is praying consistently for all (3) of you, but if you need us to pray with you, don't hesitate to contact me at, we're always available for prayer!

At Your Service,
Lady Sheryl Thompson