Saturday, July 18, 2009

Picture and Prayer Requests

Cydney is still in the NICU on CPAP. Although her CPAP is on the lowest settings, she is having a few desat spells (her blood oxygen level drops). She has been doing that when she gets really upset and cries (she is loud!)and wears herself out. Her oxygen is still in the low to mid 20s, so she doesn't need much help, but I still wish she could come off CPAP soon. The doctor is saying she is having some respiratory distress and this is due to her premature lungs. Until she comes off the CPAP, she has to eat by a tube in her mouth. They started feeding her some milk this afternoon and so far, she's digested it just fine. She still has her IV and will get TPN (electrolytes and stuff) until they work her up to full feedings.

It was much harder for Chris and I to go back into the NICU than we were expecting. Just the smell of the lobby really brought back emotions and memories. And, to see Cydney hooked up to the CPAP and hearing the dinging of all the alarms (of the NICU in general), it was tough. We are thankful that instead of telling us our baby is going to die or be disabled, they are telling us she is doing wonderful. But, it's just that helpless feeling that breaks your heart. Although I was hoping she wouldn't need so much intervention, part of me thought I was prepared for it. I guess I really wasn't.

Please pray she can come off the CPAP soon, that she keeps her oxygen level up, that we can start trying to nurse her, that she tolerates her milk, that her IV can come out soon, that she doesn't get an infection, and for our strength and patience

I am definitely feeling the pain more today. I was up walking and moving around probably more than I should have been, and I can feel it today! I have been taking Vicodin as needed, but it makes me really sleepy. I have been upstairs to hold Cydney twice so far, and plan on going tonight again. I know I should take it easy, but I can't go very long without holding my sweet girl. Chris held and cuddled with her all afternoon. He's so in love.

I will post pictures from yesterday soon, but wanted to share this photo of our sweet girl...isn't she precious?


Reyne said...

She is just adorable! Congratulations to all of you! We will continue to pray that her stay in the NICU will be short and that you will continue to heal and the pain will lessen. I'm sure it's hard to see her in the NICU, but it sounds like she is doing well. I'm sure she's a fighter, like her big brother, and that you will all be home in no time!
Reyne and the Ruchti's

Kristan said...

Hi Annmarie,
I stumbled upon your blog through a friend and have been AMAZED at the strength and persaverance of you and your family! Coy and Cydney are beautiful miracles and you most definately have the prayers of our family. Congratulations and stay strong. Jesus is with you ALL.
God Bless,
The Johnson Family

Ann Glowacki said...

Oh what a honey! She is just beautiful... Ann Marie and Chris, you did a great job! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about the necessary measures being taken, I can imagine it's disheartening... I'm sending lots of hugs and prayers that she gets off the CPAP very soon. Good news about the milk production!!! Keep it up and take care! Also, I hope you start feeling much better soon... I know that pain! I'm thinking about you guys... and I know Cydney will be home very soon! By the way, Jaxson is soooo interested in Coy, I think they need to meet! :)

Lots of hugs,

Creative Escape said...

What an angel she is!

Keeping her in my prayers.


Lauren said...

She's beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to post a picture... I've been waiting to see her!

We are praying for her stability and for you to quickly gain back your strength. I know after 90+ days in bed, it's tough to start walking around again.


Amanda said...

Friend, she is so beautiful. I'm praying for your pain and for your peace as you spend this time in the NICU. I'm so sorry you didn't get to skip it this time! Hopefully it will fly by.

Missy said...

Your blog was sent to me by lots of family friends. I played catch-up this morning from the time you were admitted to the hospital on bed rest. I was admitted on July 8th at 23 weeks and 5 days and won't be considered to go home before 32 weeks. I am expecting twin girls, and I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter at home, which has been the hardest part. Your blog has been so encouraging especially since you were put on bed rest for so long with a little one at home as well. This would be much different to experience if I didn't have her to miss so much. Luckily, we have a lot of family support like you have had and I have seen her everyday that I've been here so far (10 days!). Also, I am happy to make it my full-time job to make sure I do whatever I can to keep these babies from coming any earlier than they have to. Like you said, I'd much rather spend more days in the hospital on bed rest than have them spend those days in the NICU.

I'd say that I'd love to be in touch with you, but now your precious baby girl is here and you are going to have your hands full! She is precious!!! I know you wanted to go further in your pregnancy, but it's still so inspiring for me to see that you made it so far and that your little girl is doing so well! She is just beautiful, and I can't get over her adorable cap with the flower!! I will for sure have to find me some of those :-) !!! I will continue to follow your updates of sweet Cydney and Coy!!


Snap said...

Praying that Cydney can come off the CPAP soon, that she keeps her oxygen level up, that you can start trying to nurse her, that she tolerates her milk, that her IV can come out soon, that she doesn't get an infection, and for your strength and patience. Praying that you, Ann Marie, continue to heal and the pain goes away. Praying that you have Cydney home soon.

Best wishes to you all ....

Mountain Girl said...

Prayer for ya'll. Cydney is just beautiful and I love that bow on her head! Take this time to get your strength back. I'm sure it's not easy.....

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!! I LOVE the flower bow. It is precious. I will continue to pray for Cydney and for you as well. Congratulations to your family on such a beautiful angel!

Hilary said...

AWWW she is precious!!! Love her bow too!! AnnMarie I hope you recovery is fast! I'm praying that Cydney get strong fast and comes home very soon :)

Vickirdh said...

Ann Marie, she is precious! Mandy had posted some pix on facebook and I really enjoyed seeing them. You are all in my prayers and I hope the NICU stay will be a short one. Btw, I love those caps too. I had never seen them until recently when my step daughter sent pix of my stepson's daughter (age 4 1/2 mos.) modeling them. My step daughter sells them at the Market Days in Wimberley every month. Anyway, thanks for all the pix and updates. You did a great job by spending all that time in the hospital to replace the time Cydney would have to be there. And look at her! It was so worth it.

With love and prayers, Vicki

amy said...

oh she is just beautiful!! praying for cydney and you and your fam. how wonderful that she's doing so well and you already get to hold her!!! what a blessing she is!

amyoutlaw said...

Love the hat and/or flower attachment? Looks like an Etsy find. Glad she's doing well! My 2nd c-section took a bit longer in to recover then the 1st but just a bit longer.


A Writer's World-Melissa Williams said...

She is absolutely precious. What a beautiful little girl. We are praying for you girls!!!!!