Sunday, July 12, 2009

14 weeks

I can't believe in one day I will have spent 14 weeks or *98* straight days in the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I am unbelievably thankful that it is me in here rather than Cydney in the NICU. But, it's still hard and I'm starting to get really restless. I know that everyday counts and with each passing hour Cydney is getting stronger. I want to bring her home with us and skip the NICU altogether. That is my sole focus right now. I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize and push forward with all I have.

I know God has provided me the strength, will, and determination to get through this pregnancy. I am simply too weak to have done it on my own. I know that it is God alone that has kept me and is still keeping me pregnant. It brings me perfect peace that regardless of the day or gestational week I feel is best for Cydney's birth, He knows best, better than me. And, that's a relief.

On Wednesday, I'll be 34 weeks and we'll get another growth scan to see how much Little Miss is weighing. She is moving around all the time and sometimes I feel like she is gonna kick right through me! Over the weekend, I got a final round of steroids to help with lung development. Those shots made me have more contractions than normal and I got a little anxious there for a bit.

Things have seemed to calm down, although, I've established myself as a 'night contractor' for some reason. The nurses say it's very common on the Antepartum unit and everyone has their own patterns. The funny thing is that I sleep through them and don't feel a thing. My doctor was a little concerned with all the activity on the monitor I had going on one night last week and really stressed to me that after we hit 34 weeks, he's going to have a very low threshold for my contractions. Meaning, his concern is my classical incision and cerclage, therefore, he doesn't want me going into labor, not even close. So after this Wednesday, things will be very touch and go, day by day. We don't have a scheduled c-section date simply because my doctor thinks that things are going to happen fast and there's no need to have it scheduled.

Of course now that I'm so close to 34 weeks, my goal is 35weeks. I am never satisfied and always want one more. It's exciting for me to think that 35 weeks is only 10 days away. Wow!

My amazing sister in laws, Mandy & Jenny, and mother in law, Kathy, threw me the best shower here at the hospital on Saturday morning. It was beautiful and we had a great time. I actually wore a dress and put on make up and looked 'normal' again! We were given so many adorable and special things for our baby girl. She is going to be the best dressed baby girl in town! We are so thankful for all of our great family and friends and for all they do for us. We couldn't be more blessed. Of course, we have lots of great pictures, but I can't download them to this computer, so I'll have to post those after we're back at home.

Coy is doing fabulous and is loving that he can walk. He goes, goes, and goes! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

I will of course keep you updated if something happens/plans change before Wednesday. Thanks for all your continued love and support; it means the world to us!


Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

How exciting!!! Praying for a drive-thru baby!!!

Today makes week 36 for us :) How bout let's both take home some big fat babies this time!!!

Momofsix said...

Ann Marie
What a blessing it is to know that God has shined his face upon you and the sweet little one inside you to bring you this far.

I wanted you to know that the package went out on friday. I actually mailed it to your home. I was afraid it would never make it to you.. so please shoot me an email when you have the package.
Many blessings to you- Looking forward to hearing how big Cydney is now!

Your Sister in Christ

Amanda said...

How fun that you had a shower right there in your hospital room! I pray that this "home stretch" seems to go by quickly.

Ann Glowacki said...

Congrats on almost 34 weeks Ann Marie!

I am soooo happy for you and I continue to pray that all goes well with miss Cydney and she doesn't have to be in the NICU at all! You are almost there... great job! How fun you had a shower... I bet that was a lot of fun! Take care and hang in there!


ps- when I opened your blog this morning I asked Jaxson "who is that" and he said "Coy"! too cute!

amyoutlaw said...

Wow, you're definitely making it to 34 weeks. Hang in there. I'm still holding out for 35 weeks despite el doctor.


Knott said...

You have been so strong - great job, girl! I am so happy each time I open your blog and see you have made it a few more days or a week. We know how much difference every single day makes! Only a few weeks more!

amaysingfam said...

Ann Marie, I am still praying for you and little Cydney. I think you are so strong and I know you and The Lord can get her to 35 weeks. I was looking at your blog and was looking at the pics of Coy while my son was on my lap, well when he saw Coy's pic he waved at the computer and said Hi and kept on saying it till I moved the pic away. Too Cute, I guess he thought he found a friend.
Huggs and all,

Teresa Mays

lauren said...

All I can say is … Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out!

Prayers continue!

~ Lauren (& Abby)