Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend update

It's Sunday again---now shooting for Wednesday which will mark 26 weeks!

I've had a great weekend filled with lots of visitors! Chris and Coy were here most of Saturday and Sunday; I swear he is growing up everyday (and by he I mean Coy)! He looks so mature now. I think over the past few weeks he's gone from 'baby' to 'little man'. Coy's development and eating have really taken off lately, too. He went from a picky eater to eating all kinds of yummy things; Grandma K has really worked hard at this. I am so thankful for all her persistence and dedication to my little man. He really has 'turned a corner' with eating and I am so grateful!

Coy started dancing this weekend--he will bend his knees and bounce up and down. He is the cutest! He also is walking while only holding on to someone with one hand. He is so close to walking on his own! He really is the happiest, sweetest thing on Earth. His laugh is so contagious and brings the biggest smile to my face and heart. Oh, thank you God for blessing us with our son. I don't remember life without him.

I am still hanging out--pregnant! Woohoo! Each day is such a gift. I may or may not have an ultrasound tomorrow; I need to talk to my doctor about the plans. Please pray that my cervix is unchanged (regardless if I have an u/s or not)! I will have another FFN test on Wednesday, please pray this is negative! Baby Sister is so active; she kicks and moves all the time. With kicks like this, I am wondering is she going to be a gymnast, ballerina, or soccer player?


Jodi said...

I keep praying with every update that everything is still fine. Just remember that you are replacing your daughter's hospital stay with your own. I just know that you will be in the hospital many more days than she will be. I don't remember how long Coy was in the hospital. . Olivia was 105 days. No child should have to wait that long to go home. It's amazing everything that you and the doctors are doing to give that sweet baby girl as much time in the womb as possible. Praise God!

amyoutlaw said...

Ann-Marie - Kids grow too fast, don't they? I cried the other morning when feeding Max. He's only 7 mths but I feel like he's too little to be doing these "big boy" tasks. The second child seems to develop faster b/c they're imitating the sibling. But I still dress him like a baby, in those Jon-Jons that I wouldn't dare put my 1st son in. I just want to freeze time sometimes (not on those sleepless nights though!).

I'm so glad you're still baking baby girl. I check your blog often to see yours and her progress. You're doing a great job. I can't imagine what you're going through mentally.


Robyn said...

What a great weekend! Praying for you and sis!

Momofsix said...

Praise the Lord for a weekend of visitors- it helps to make your time go faster. I hope they brought some of the sunshine that was happening outside your window- in.
By the way I vote that she becomes a soccer player- if I have not told you- we are soccer-nuts. All 4 of my young men are soccer referees!

Blessings to you Ann Marie-
Lifting you to the throne of Jesus

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is going well. Your spirits seem high. That's great. Coy is amazing. It's crazy how fast they grow. God has really blessed you. I will continue to pray for you, Chris, your sweet little boy, and your precious little girl. Thanks for continuing to share your lives with the world. I feel blessed to know you...even if only online.

mkolkhorst said...

I'm hoping for a ballerina...its in the family on both sides...she is destined to dance!! Hang in there...


lisaswendsen said...

I hope you got my comment the other day. I cannot believe how similiar our experiences are with our first two pregnancies. I left you a long comment and just hope you got it so you know that people are out here admiring your fight. I never thought I would carry my second to term. It is a surreal experience once you have been through such agony with your first. Keep it up and drop me a line on my blog if you get a chance.
Have a great day and I know you can do it!

Jason and Shari said...

Glad that everything is going well. I pray for you everyday and will continue to do so. I bet she will become a cheerleader, like her mom.

Ashley said...

Hey girl!

I've been following you guys again this time around and wanted to thank you for the words of advice. You didn't know it, but you advised me to use the Sunday/Wednesday split as a motivational technique to get through a rough week at work!

Keep it all in check Upstairs and you'll be to full-term before you know it... I'm cheering in prayer for you, the Oven, and your Bun :)