Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sometimes when you're down, you get kicked. That's definitely how I felt on Monday. Awful. Just awful.

I felt like I was on fire, with the chills, and my body hurt all over. On top of that, when I went to the bathroom yesterday morning, I had a small amount of spotting. It was small, but nonetheless, still concerned me.

As the day went on, I felt worse and worse. Last night my temperature was 101.7 (with Tylenol in my system), and all I could do was lay in bed and close my eyes. Because of the Swine Flu scare, the hospital has a protocol in place that they have to follow if you exhibit 2 or more symptoms. Part of that protocol was putting me in isolation--which included moving rooms. Oh, that was not what I wanted to do when I was so weak I could barely walk to the bathroom.

Over the past 6 weeks, I've accumulated lots of things in my room---pictures, books, cards, clothes, toiletries. Thank goodness Chris was here to help; it took him forever to move everything. My new room is just like the other one, except that it's a negative pressure room so the air is filtered to outside the hospital.

I felt really silly being in isolation and sorry for my nurse. I told Chris last night that I was being moved from a 'regular cell' to 'solitary confinement'. Ha! I was praying it was not the Swine flu or the flu for that matter. Today they did the nasal flush test---and it came back negative! I was also tested for strep throat which was negative too. I'm still waiting on urine culture results to come back.

Thank God I am feeling better today. Who knows what hit me yesterday; hopefully, it goes away and stays there!

Yesterday morning, my doctor decided not to do another ultrasound because we didn't have reason to. Well, sure enough, I had a small amount of spotting shortly after he said that! He came back in, checked my cervix, which is still closed, Praise Jesus! He then he ordered another u/s. They couldn't get to me on Monday, which I was glad because I felt too bad to go anyway. And, today I was in 'isolation' most of the day, so I couldn't go regardless. I will have it sometime tomorrow along with the fFN test. Please pray these both look good! I haven't had anymore spotting, so who knows what it was--hopefully, nothing!

I'll update when I know test results! Thanks be to God for making it to 26 weeks. Now looking pressing forward to 26.5 weeks on Sunday....

(oh and I promise after this pregnancy is over, I will never use the words spotting, discharge, cervix, contractions, or infection again! =) I don't mean to gross everyone out...it's just hard to explain everything without being so specific sometimes...)


Vickirdh said...

Ann Marie, So sorry to hear you were feeling lousy yesterday and had to pack up and move. So glad to hear you're feeling better today and no more spotting. Still praying for y'all. With love and prayers, Vicki

Hilary said...

get better AnnMarie!!! What a bummer and you had to move rooms bless you heart and hubby's!! I'll be praying for a fast recovery for you! Man that's horrible to be that sick and pregnant...hang in there Momma!!! :)

The Silva's said...

Ree, you are doing great!! I am so proud of you! Tell your MIL I said thanks for the cute card. I really missed seeing Coy that day. Glad you are doing better! Praying for great results from your tests today!!

Lauren said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear that it wasn't the flu! That would have been really scary! Glad you are feeling better, and YAY for 26 WEEKS!! Sloowly but surely, you are getting there!

lisaswendsen said...

I am so sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. You did NOT need that! And I totally sympathize with you having to move rooms. When I was on bedrest with my second I had to change rooms and it threw me off for a while. I am so happy you are 26 weeks. How amazing is that!!!! Congrats and keep up the great work!

Momofsix said...

Ann Marie
moving sounds like it is no fun. Once you are done with isolation will you move again?

How are you feeling today?
Lord Jesus
I pray that you help my dear sister here. Strengthen her body as you holds on to you and the infant life that is growing inside of her!
I ask that you heal her health.
In Jesus Name