Wednesday, May 13, 2009

25 weeks!

Here we 25 weeks, Praise God! I am so beyond thankful, but still praying for many more weeks to come. I can hardly believe I've been here for 5 weeks, 1 day already. But whose counting, right? =) Time really has passed faster than I expected it to. One of my (mental) tricks is to break the week in two parts: make it to Wednesday, then focus on Sunday. Wednesday, then Sunday.

I'm still on Mag sulfate (2gms) through an IV (they change it every 3-4 days) and there is no plans to stop it anytime soon. I was told by one of Coy's Neonatologist (who came down to visit me; He is a brilliant man who was there during Coy's roughest days; I will forever be grateful to him) that there is a new study showing low doses of Mag in moms over a long period of time show reduced rates of CP (cerebral palsy) in preemies. I said, "Okay, there is another plus to having an IV for 5+ weeks! I didn't know that!" I am so thankful for all the wonderful doctors/nurses here who are so educated and researched; I am so well taken care of!

My body is so use to this medicine, that I don't feel it anymore. Thank God that I have 'good veins' and I'm not needle phobic. The nurses get an excited/relieved look on their faces when they see I'm not a hard stick and my veins are popping out from across the room. God provides, y'all!

My ultrasound on Monday showed my cervix was unchanged from the previous week---good news! Also, Baby Sister is approximately 1 lb 9 oz! That's 5 oz heavier than her Big Brother's birth weight. Isn't that unfathomable? It is to me...and I'm the one who gave birth to him!

Chris was here for my ultrasound and wheeled me back to my room afterwards (it's up one floor). I was teasing him saying, "Lets make a run for it! Take me to the zoo!" (it's across the street). He laughed, but steered me back to my room. I'm not complaining about being here; it's a blessing. I have so much to look forward to and I can't believe how far God has brought us.

For the first time this morning, I felt Baby Sister stick a body part (I'm not sure if it was a butt, foot, head, or hand) up next to my belly button. I had a tumor like lump for a good minute until she moved again. It was one of those pregnancy things I didn't experience with Coy--it was fun to feel.

I've been told that I'm in second place for 'the longest current stay' here on the Antepartum unit. My nurses have all been great (they even go get me Skittles from downstairs when I start craving them). And, so have the Food Service people, the Housekeeping ladies, the ladies who take my vital signs/change my sheets, etc. It's amazing how when we stop and take the time (or are forced to), the people we encounter in our lives bring such blessings; the people we would have never spoken to or thought we had anything in common with. Give someone the time of day that normally would not--you have no idea what joy it will bring to you both! By the way, first place for longest stay is currently held by a sweet friend who has me beat by 3 weeks--she is 28 weeks with twins. Pray for her to make it all the way to 32 weeks and beyond!

We are so thankful for all your prayers, emails, cards, letters, and love. We could not do this without you!

Before I go, can you pray for Coy to heal of his ear infections? He can't seem to get rid of the pesky red ears and the poor baby isn't sleeping well. He was started on a stronger antibiotic today and hopefully that will clear it up.

And, finally, sand anyone???


Allison said...

God is good! Yay for 25 weeks! I will pray for Coy's ears and continue to pray for you and your baby girl.

Devon said...

you are doing amazing! i'm so proud of you....and i love that our weeks change at the same time so i can keep up with you! *wink*

praying for coy too!

Creative Escape said...

I am so glad to hear what great spirits you are in. I am expecting baby #2 as well {and a girl too}, but am at 34 week currently. The more I read your blog, the more blessed I feel.

You have such a wonderful outlook on this whole process; you are an inspiration to so many : )

Wishing you and baby sister well with many-many more weeks in the Antepartum unit.



Lauren said...

YAY for 25 weeks!! That must be such an encouraging feeling to have made it to this point. I am so glad things are going smoothly. I know you must be going crazy in that hospital room, but you are doing such a great job!

Momofsix said...

I hope that if there is something I can do to help you.. you will ask. I know I am a total stranger but we are in the same family.(Family of Jesus Christ)
May our Lord hear our prayers!
Your sister in Christ

John said...

Way to go 25 wks is great! I have been follow Coy story for sometime My daughter was a 28wk weighing the same as Coy. I live ins St. Louis and just read a new art on preterm.

There is a new drug to help those of us that have trouble carrying our babies! The drug is call 17- alpha Hydroxyprogesterone. Not sure if you can take it a 25wks but maybe the dr could look into. I was approved by March of Dimes. Not sure what the side effects are yet.

God Bless

Hilary said...

25 weeks you GO girl!! That's so great!! keep cookin' Sister :) have a great week and keep on keepin' on!! :) Get better Coy!!!!!

Life in the Kerlee Household said...

You are doing so awesome. Keep up the positive just makes this time a 'bit' easier. I set milestones or goals as well which helped the days go by quicker. I made one of those paper chains and everyday looked forward to ripping one off marking another day down. Keep it up!


The Silva's said...

I am so excited for you, praying for you guys all the time! Love hearing that you are feeling Baby Sister move. It really is a neat feeling! Prayers are comming for Coy too!! I planned to come to see you yesterday, after Jenna's GI appt., but we found out on Monday that she had strep, so we stayed away!!

Lots of Love, hugs, and kisses

Meg and Family

lauren said...

Hooray for 25 weeks!!! Prayers are ongoing!!!


Debbie said...

Yea for 25 weeks indeed! Hi's Suzanne Mackay's mom! I've been following you since you started your blog and feel bad that I don't leave any comments. I would first off like to apologize for not letting you know how your faith and courage have inspired myself, and obviously many others as well. Your family is beautiful!
I'm happy to hear of your continued progress as you 'bake' this new precious little girl. May you have many more uneventful weeks in the hospital while she grows.
A side note for Coy...with many doses of antibiotics, be sure that Coy is getting probiotics (acidolphilus) to help rebuild his immune system once he's through with the antibiotics. They make many wonderful brands that you can mix in applesauce or yogurt. Do a google search on probiotics and children and have some great reading!
Thoughts and prayers with you!

The Bacot Family said...

AnnMarie - I'm so amazed and blessed by your blog. I somehow feel guilty writing to you because I've been so blessed with a healthy little boy. When I was pregnant, I was on bed rest for 3 weeks through my nausea. I thought I was going to lose my mind with the boredom and loneliness. You're positive, prayerful attitude is so inspiring. Check my blog at I'd love to hear from you. Please know that I am and have been praying for you, Chris, Coy and baby sister.
<3 Michelle

The Barfuss Family said...

You are doing SO great!!! I can totally relate to your comment on taking the time to get to know those that you wouldn't usually...we LOVED talking with all the people who were in and out of our room in the hospital. This morning, the housekeeping lady had breakfast with us and we shared the neatest conversation. LOVE when God takes us out of our comfort zones. :)