Friday, April 3, 2009

Coy & Cousin Ryder

Aunt Jenny and Ryder (Coy & Ryder are 16 days apart) come to the house on Wednesday's to help with Coy. She really does a great job taming the two of them. Really, they wear me out and I'll I do is listen to the commotion from my bed.

She took pics of our two ham-bones as they were eating lunch. Notice Coy is still in his PJ's because that's the way he likes it.

It's really a sight when he's getting his diaper or clothes changed. An understatement would to call him 'uncooperative.' I'm not sure there's a word to describe how bad he actually is at getting dressed. So, as long he's happy, we're happy. =)

This is dinner the same day...Aunt Jenny somehow worked a miracle and got him dressed.

On a different note, thanks for all the continued encouragement, thoughts, and prayers. It really humbles me to see how many people are reaching out to us at this time. I know God is so good and He is always here. I have peace and hope that I will manage on bed rest for much longer and baby girl will be born healthy. I really, really do. With Coy's pregnancy, I never had that feeling and just felt like something was off/wrong.

Please continue the prayers! We are so thankful and blessed.

"Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:3-4


Shane & Ambra said...

What cute pictures of the boys spending some cousin time together! You are doing a great job, just keep a padlock on that oven of yours. Ha! Tell miss girly-girl she still needs to get a full body makeover right now- another 3 months to do. Talk to you later. Will keep praying for you girls!!!

Erin & Doug said...

Ann Marie - I'm not sure if you remember me - I was one of Tracy Bratten's roommates at UT. Tracy sent me Coy's blog when he was first born and I have been reading it ever since. My husband and I always have you in our thoughts and prayers. I even talked about the miracle that Coy is during the Pro Life weekend at our church. I am also pregnant due in July. I know what an amazing thing it is to feel your lil one kick. I hope and pray that she will keep on kicking you until you are full term and then you can meet your precious little girl.
Stay strong!
Erin 'Shelby' Mueller

Carol said...

He's so cute. I had troubles with an uncooperative baby girl while trying to get her dressed. No way was I letting her get away with that...I'm the mama and I say it's time to get dressed and so we did! I tried to give her choices and made her put her stuff on....took longer but at least I win!

amyoutlaw said...

AnnMarie - I just know your baby girl will be perfect and healthy. You're doing an amazing job of staying put. I can only imagine how difficult it is to do that. It's "temporary". Hang in there. My g/f has 3 healthy babies and every pregnancy she started contracting earlier and earlier. Her 3rd baby was born at 35 weeks. Woo-Hoo! She was in the hospital on bed rest for 2 months and the dr.s put it off! It's amazing the advances in medicine. They knew she had pre-term problems and they were on top of it.