Sunday, December 14, 2008


Thank you so much for all the prayers for my sister in law, Sara. She was released from the hospital on Saturday and is at home recovering. I know she was so happy to be home, and see her babies! She continues to experience a lot of pain and said that after her surgery, the pain was far greater than when having the twins! She is a trooper though, and we're so thankful the surgery is over and was successful.

Coy is doing wonderfully. He has so much energy these days and really wears me out! He is weighing in at 18 lbs 2 oz and is 28 inches (i think) long. He's had 3 Synagis shots to date and his flu vaccine. We received the EOB from our insurance company regarding one of his Synagis shots...grand total of $2561.00 per shot (he will get six shots total this season)! Craziness! Thank the good Lord that they are paid for by our insurance company!

Last week we saw his PT and she continues to be impressed with his development. We are still working on building his core strength and the transition from crawling to sitting. She also encouraged me to feed him "table food." He's done great on purees and Stage 3's, so we are making the transition to other things. So far he likes carrots, mashed potatoes, spaghetti noddles, green beans, bread, pancakes, yogurt, those nasty baby turkey sticks, puffs, and crackers. I've said before that I'm not one that loves the kitchen or grocery I'm learning with him! Any good beginning table food ideas would be appreciated!

We are really enjoying the holiday season this year. I can't believe it's almost Christmas already. Having Coy at home this year is just such a gift. He is our greatest joy and I cannot imagine life without him. My mind can't fully comprehend what a miracle he is. I lived it, I was there for everything, and I'm still not able to process it completely. God is so good and His power is so great.

For his birthday, Coy received a UT (University of Texas) baseball bat from his Uncle Matthew. It caused a good laugh because Chris played baseball for Rice University, and if you're a fan of college baseball, you know UT and Rice are always in stiff competetion. Well, Coy LOVES this bat and could play with it all day. The other night, Chris picked him up and gave Coy his first batting lesson....I think they both enjoyed it!


Amanda said...

Whoa! Those are some crazy expensive shots!

Vicki Willis said...

Hook 'em, Coy!!! (Come on Chris. You know I rooted for you against UT---even though I love UT. But I love you more....) Great pix. Enjoy the blessings and holiness of this Christmas season---the first at home with baby Coy. Love and prayers for the 3 of you always, Vicki

Ashley said...

that face is just PURE joy! Priceless first batting lesson! Next year Coy will be hitting off the tee (Charlie got a t-ball set for his b-day and LOVES it)!!!

Anonymous said...

Ann Marie and Chris,

My favorite Christmas card EVER!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby boy with us. Have a wonderful and safe holiday.
Debbie Pustejovsky

A Writer's World-Melissa Williams said...

Coy looks pretty dang excited to be holding that bat! Oh, and those shots are shocking. I had no idea!

Sarah-Jane said...

It is so great to see Coy doing so well. His story always encourages me.
Thanks for sharing. He is amazing.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
your friend in Kentucky.