Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prayer Request

My sister-in-law, Sara, will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning (12/10) to remove the tumor on her pituitary gland. A recent MRI showed the tumor has doubled in size over the past few months. Sara is married to my brother, Thomas, and they have 11 month old twins, Macey & Thomas. Since Sara will be unable to pick up/care for the twins for 4 weeks post surgery, Sara's mom is in town to help out with everything. Please pray for a successful surgery and uneventful recovery. Here's a pic of the adorable family....thanks for all the love & support!


Erica said...

Hi Ree,
I've been thinking about Sara all day today and will pray for her all day tomorrow and for the next 4 weeks!
Coy is as always, amazing and I can't believe he is one. What a true miracle he is!
Love you,

meredith said...

She will be in my prayers

Annette said...

I just came across your blog and will keep your siter-in-law in my prayers. What an amazing miracle your beautiful son is! I'm also in Houston and have a friend whose twins were born at 23 weeks last January. Coy's story gives me so much hope for her precious babies now. You have a beautiful family. Blessings to you all!

The Silva's said...

Sara and Thomas will be in our prayers, along with the rest of your families. We are praying that God will guide the doctor's as they perform the surgery and that He will provide complete and total healing.
Lots of love,
Meg, Jesse, AJ, Jay, and Jenna

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Sara. Please update up on her progress. And as always, prayers for baby Coy. He is just precious.