Sunday, June 1, 2008

growing boy

Coy is maturing and growing before our eyes! This past weekend, Chris & I were so amazed at how differently he's acting! He loves chewing on his hand/fingers, looking at things (especially the T.V. which I know is a big no-no), smiling, his bouncy chair (see video below). I am so VERY thankful for our miracle. He just takes my breath away.

He is now 6 months old actually, however, his corrected age is 2 months. This is how old he would be if born on his original due date of 3/28/08. Preemies are evaluated developmentally based on their corrected age, especially a VERY premature baby like Coy. He goes this Friday for a private PT evaluation---please pray that this goes well, that he's developing right on target!

Coy weighs 10 lbs 8 oz and his getting so heavy to me! I think I need to hit the weights! We go back to the Pulmonolgist in 3 weeks, at that time, we will most likely discuss weaning him off the oxygen (which is IMPOSSIBLE to keep in his nose since he's strong now and pulls it out) and doing a sleep study. He is eating 3.5-5 oz every 3-4 hours in about 15 minutes. He has been having more spit up than usual this week, however, I do feel the medications and your prayers are helping.

His cardiologist called and informed me his 24 hour holter report looked good. His lowest HR (heart rate) was 76bpm, which she said was acceptable and nothing to worry about. This is good to hear; I was worried about his arrhythmia, WPW, and his medication dosage. He is on a beta blocker, Propranolol, every 6 hours.

Please continue to lift him up in prayer! We are so beyond blessed!

"The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them." Psalm 145: 17-19

Sleeping on Chris...

"Please, who invited the paparazzi? I'm trying to enjoy my Saturday afternoon in peace..."
Here is a video of Coy cooing (or at least that's what I think it is, correct me if I'm wrong!) He even laughed a few times today, however I did not get it on video!


Farrell Fam said...

Ann Marie,

Coy is so beautiful. It is just truly amazing how far he has come. He is so strong and I know will achieve so much throughout his life. HE is truly a MIRACLE. And it has been so breathtaking to watch. My love and prayers are always with you.I can't wait for Coy and Charlie to meet one day and play!

Ashley (Hayes) Farrell

Sylvia and Daniel said...

This is so fun!! Thanks for continuing to share the journey, I love it and look forward to checking on you guys and most importantly being able to pray!


Anonymous said...

Coy is beautiful! I am so happy for the 3 of you. He is getting so big and those cooing sounds are the cutest. Thank you for continuing to share your faith and miracle!

Anonymous said...

yay for cloth dipes!! I see those peaking out!! They are good for him and even better for the enivronnment! We love them- I think they're making a come back! What a cute little man you have!- (I was in your aunt carol's small group and she linked us to your site when coy was brand new -- we were praying for you all... I love to check in and see what's new!) Molly K.

The Silva's said...

He is absolutely beautiful Ree!!! I love his little sounds, I would say that he is cooing too!! It is amazing how much he is growing and how well he is doing! As always, our prayers continue to be with you all for total and complete healing for Coy!
Lots of love,
The Silva's

Megan said...

Don't feel guilty about TV, I have my TV on a lot but my 1 year old doesn't just sit there and stare, she plays and it is kind of back ground noise for me so I can stay connected to the outside world :-)
I can't believe how much Coy has grown, it seems like just yesterday that he would fit almost in your hand. Thank you Lord. I still always think about all the prayers God answered for Coy to be where he is at today. How can anyone not believe, I just don't understand. You all look great. Coy is always in our prayers and will remain there. What a handsome little man he is.
Washington State

Melissa said...

Wow, Coy is getting so big. I haven't been able to comment in a while because I have been away. All of you have been in my prayers and thoughts. Keep the pictures coming... I love them!

Leah said...

Hi there - I am Amy's sister. I have followed your blog and have shed many tears of joy over Coy - what a little miracle! I just wanted you to know that there is someone else out there praying for Coy! What a precious baby boy!

Katie Ceary said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you and Coy today in person! I was originally drawn to your story because I did my OT internship on a NICU stepdown unit and currently work with many kiddos who were preemies. I have absolutely loved watching Coy grow via the blog, so what a treat it was to see your precious little guy today! I will continue to pray that Coy grows up big and strong and keeps developing fantastic little skills. Thanks for keeping Coy's "fans" updated and sharing from your heart.

May God bless you richly!

Jodi said...

I have enjoyed watching Coy grow. What an amazing miracle. You'll have to stop by my blog. I have nominated you for an award.