Monday, April 21, 2008


We had a VERY scary incident hit close to home today....our NEXT DOOR neighbors house was burglarized (kicked the front door in) sometime this morning before noon....very scary for me because I was at home with Coy and I didn't hear anything unusual! I thought our neighborhood was safe! I prayed last night for protection over our home and family as always...I know we had God's grace over us. Thank goodness, our neighbors were not home at the time. So, please pray for continued protection over our home and family! I cannot imagine what I would do if someone kicked in our front door! I mean, Coy is attached to apnea monitor and oxygen, I can't pick him up and run??!

So, Coy is doing great! He has been taking 100cc at every feeding! We bought a home scale and weighed him two days ago--he was 6lb 13 oz! He's also been sleeping better at night!

I am also happy to report that baby McKenzie has been going strong on a nasal cannula! She is such a little fighter! Keep praying for her continued healing!

We are so thankful to you all!


Anonymous said...

A break-in next door is SO scary! I pray and trust that God will protect your family and home!

Amanda said...

Oh, that is freaky. I'm sorry that happened! The same thing was happening in a friend's neighborhood. The people were knocking on doors and then when no one answered, they would kick in the door. So maybe stay at home moms should make it obvious that they're home? I don't really know.

Sara Cook said...

OMG. that is sooo scary! I will be praying for you REE! But I know that person has another thing commin if he thinks he can fight against a mamma like you protecting her little Coy! I would turn into a nija if someone tried to hurt Thomas and Macey. haha. Make sure you keep lights on, and maybe even music or the tv going pretty loud at all times so they know you are home!

Flores Online said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW.. I will be praying for your family to be safe. I am glad to hear that Coy is doing well. God is watching over you all. Thanks for keeping us updated on Baby McKenzie as well...she is in my prayers as well.

God Bless
Shari Cagle

Robyn said...

Boy, that hits too close to home!! Praying for your continued protection!