Sunday, February 3, 2008

Camo Coy


The Silva's said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! God has truly blessed you and Chris with an amazing little person. Although this may not have been your plan, or Chris’s plan, and I am certain that Coy would have preferred to stay tucked all nice and warm in his mommy’s tummy, but we have to remind ourselves this was God’s plan. We don’t always understand it, and it’s possible we never will have the “whys” answered; but, the answer to all your prayers and all of ours is seeing you and Chris hold that beautiful baby! One last thing God has proven that we sometime we “beat the odds” but know that Coy has continuously beat the odds and when God’s plan calls for you and Chris to have more children, you will to. In addition to praying that Coy continue to grow and strengthen with the passing of each day, I pray that God brings you peace on those days that are a little tougher than others. We pray that your family continue to grow and thank you for allowing us on this journey with you guys. Miracles are happening around us sometimes we just need to be reminded. This chapter in your family’s life has touched so many people and reminded us all that we have to trust God’s plan, and know that He wants what is best for us all!

(the boys love “army guy” Coy!!!)

You and your family continue to be in our prayers!

Lots of love,
Meg and the boys

Muggle Mom said...

those are just the cutest pictures! he is getting big! i can't believe how alert he is! those gorgeous, big eyes! love 'em!

Esperanza said...

He is so beautiful... day by day.. so big and awake... just beautiful...

nana in Nashville said...

You dont know me but we heard about little Coy from Orlagh Vagnoni.Iam Orlagh Vagnoni's aunt.Our God is a Great God and i will pray for Coy as often as I think of him.Our little grandson Joseph has a brain tumor and right now he is being strong and brave just like little Coy.John 14;27 says Ileave you peace my peace i give you i do not give it to you as the world does.So dont let your hearts be troubled or afraid.God bless you both and baby Coy. Pauline Taaffe in Nashville

Anonymous said...

I read your blog daily and love to see how great Coy is doing. I am member of KU and we have kept the prayer chain going. Coy looks great!

Catgirl said...

You have a fighter in your hands, it is easy to see where he gets it from, from his parents! Stay strong mom & dad, your baby boy is counting on you.

You will get through this and come out stronger. Something tells me you guys are in big trouble when you get him home, cause your little guy is much tougher than he looks and gets creadit for. Have no doubts, he is a survior!

Before you know it, Coy will be telling you "I Love You".

Catgirl & Tiger
from KU