Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yeah, for another GREAT day!

"Praise the Lord! For the Lord is good; sing praises to His name, for He is gracious and lovely!" Psalm 135:3

I am happy to report that Coy had ANOTHER good day! In the NICU world, you never know what the day will bring--so of course, we hold our breath every morning when we call to check on him. He had a good night last night--he continued to have good blood gases so they weaned his ventilator setting down more...if he continues to have good respiratory function and they can wean his vent down a little more (his rate is at 20 bpm, O2 at 25-35%, and pressure at 23), his NP (nurse practitioner) said there is a chance he could go to CPAP next week!!!!! That means he will be extubated (no more tube in his lungs) and breathing somewhat on his own!!! (to go to CPAP, he needs a rate of 20bpm, O2 in the 21-28%, pressure of 18) Of course, then his NP told me "baby steps, Ann Marie, baby steps." Yeah, I know, I try to not get too excited, but I think I have the right to dream! On Sunday night, Coy received two doses of a steroid (Hydrocortisone) for his hypotension (low BP)--since it improved his BP and secondly his lung function so dramatically, the docs ordered 6 more doses for Coy...this is the drug that Coy was enrolled in the study for (it ended a week ago, we are fairly sure that he got the placebo)...apparently, they cannot prescribe the drug for only poor lung function yet, just for hypotension...He has responded so well to it, I say GIVE IT to EVERY BABY!! I must give GLORY to the LORD for his wonderful works!

His nurse practitioner then said Coy's next big hurdle is his feedings---meaning he needs to tolerate all his feedings (he is feed via OG tube every 3 hours round the clock). Before they feed him, they hook a syringe to the end of his tube and pull back---if there is milk left in his stomach that was not digested, it is called residual--they evaluate the color of it and can tell if it's partially digested---anyway, we don't want residuals! We want Coy to digest all of his milk every 3 hours! He was started back on feeds today, but only a small amount to get him started--he did tolerate 2 feedings today! YEAH!

Of course, his renal function is always being evaluated since the little guy does like to hold it in for a few days at a time...well, not by choice..
So today, he was urinating just like he should be...he had massive amount of output for two days, now it is regulating..please continue to pray for Coy's renal function, that it will normalize, that he will be able to urinate as he needs to...

Coy did have a spinal tap this morning to screen for meningitis---doctor said they did not find any WBCs in the sample--PRAISE GOD--they are no longer concerned about meningitis...he will stay on antibiotics for another week...please continue to pray for Coy to stay infection free...the goal here is to get Coy on full feeds and off IV fluids & antibiotics so his IV can be removed...babies are at a much greater risk for infection as long as they have IVs...

He weighed 1 lb 12 oz tonight, smaller than I thought but still cute as ever...Coy and his little friend Kyle are the studs of the NICU (they both flirt with the nurses...)

Please pray for Coy's friend Kyle, that God will protect him from any seizures, that he will be FREE of any infections (he just finished 42 DAYS of antibiotics!), that he will tolerate all his feedings, that he will GROW like a WEED, that he will have no more A&Bs (apneas & bradycardias), that God will continue to give amazing strength to his parents and older brothers...

Prayer requests for Coy: that he will remain infection free, that he is pain free, that he tolerates his feedings!, that he continues to urinate just as he should, that his respiratory status continues to improve--that we can go to CPAP ASAP!!

"O taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him." Psalm 34:8


Robyn said...

Praising God for another great day. Coy is looking so good in the pictures and we are thrilled with his progress. We continue to hold all of you up in prayer and pray for his continued healing.

Joyce said...

I am Steph Gunderson's mom in Nevada (Chris's co-worker). I anxiously await your daily update, and pray for Coy every morning. I am so grateful for his improvement and so hopeful for longer and longer stretches of those "good days." I may never meet this little boy in person, but because he has been brought into my life, I have come to love him dearly. You are in my thoughts so many times each day. God bless each of you.
Grammy to six beautiful children

sj said...

Chris and Ann Marie,
You don't know me, but my cousin Orlagh linked me to your blog. I had never really read anyone's blog until my 3 year old nephew was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor about a month ago and my sister's sister in law set up a blog for Joseph which I check incessantly.
I read almost all of your entries and then had to skip to the end just because I wanted to know that little Coy was ok.
You are both heroes. I know that watching your child suffer is one of the hardest things God can allow. I congratulate you on persevering through sleepless nights, milk blues and all that comes along with this time.
I am also a believer in Christ and know that He is good amidst these hard times, even when it feels like He is absent.
I will pray for Coy and you both as I pray for my precious nephew Joseph.
I wish you all a good day and night today and tonight and that you would be able to rest in Him no matter what the day brings.

The Van Fam said...

Yea! Praise for another great day. I'm with you Ree, celebrate every tiny miracle with this little steps and all!!

I am so glad he's had another awesome 24 hours and pray they will continue.

I was thinking the other day how funny life is. Several of your blog readers all cheered with you throughout high school. We cheered on our friends and boyfriends from the sidelines. Now here we are, all cheering you and your precious family on. Instead of chants and cheers, we are praising God for each and every day you get with Coy. Instead of going down on one knee when a player is injured, we are begging God to protect sweet Coy and to wrap His hands so tightly around him. Instead of singing the spirit song for a bunch of fans, we are praying for you and Chris's continued strength and praying we lift y'alls spirits just a little more! Instead of doing flip flops for every point, we have tears of joy running down our faces for every obstacle Coy's overcoming!! Then again...there is a good chance we'll be standing backs and fulls the day that sweet boy gets to go home and sleep in his own bed!! Anyways...just thought it's funny how life brings us full circle and want you to know that we are all here cheering you three on just as hard as you cheered us on as captain many years ago!


Anonymous said...

Ann Marie & Chris,

Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers every day! Molly and I do plan to give blood and anxiously await a time when we can see and visit with you and your young baby boy Coy. God will bless you and we praise him for all his glory!

Alan & Molly Cook

Emily said...

Chris and Ann Marie,
You don’t know me but you went to school with my husband Joe Bungo. Since he heard of your little angel I have been following your blog and read it daily as part of my nightly routing. I think of you and your family all the time and pray for your faith and strength to carry you through the good and dad days. Coy is an angel, but I don’t have to tell you that, and his progress is nothing short of amazing. Good luck and I will continue to monitor and pray for his progress.
God be with you,
Emily and Joe Bungo

gramscook said...

all our prayers are being heard. We must stand firm in our beliefs . "this is the confidence that we have in Him,that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14 . Coy has shown me so much as you and Chris have too. We love you all. mom