Monday, January 21, 2008


I finally figured out how to add music to the blog for your viewing & listening pleasure! It will start automatically, controls are at the bottom of the page if you need to turn it off...


tasha said...

Ann Marie,
my husband begged me to put this song on your slideshow.. and i cried just thinking about it. I thought it would be too emotional. But i see it on your blog. I want to do this song to your slideshow if you wouldn't mind.
i planned to call you last week to do a six week session with Coy, but my daughter came down with a bacteria infection that is highly contagious.. and I wouldn't take any chances. If the doctor gives her the all clear today, I would like to set up a second session for Coy if that is okay with you.
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Reyne said...

Dear Ann Marie and Chris,
I started to write to you two or three times last night, but nothing I wrote looked right. I love the pictures of Coy and I appreciate you two updating his blog everyday. I think about you everyday and pray for Coy to come through this like my great-nephew Jaxson has. No one who has never been where you are now can truly understand your heartache and the emotional rollercoaster you are on. The song you put on the blog really touched my heart. Your child is the center of your universe and there is nothing you wouldn't do for him. We are praying with you and for you.

David Campbell said...

We have never met, but our family has been praying for you and yours since we heard about little Coy. I used to work for Texas Retina Associates, so if you run into ROP and need any guidance I could get you in touch some great doctors in your area. You may already know of some, but I would not want to assume.
Your son is precious.
Keri Campbell

Julie said...

I have been praying for Coy and all of you since I found your website. During our church Home Group last Friday I felt incredibly led to ask for prayer requests and told Coy's story. We all prayed for him and his family and for all the things you have asked for (including pee hee hee). Every time I pray for Coy I am reminded of how much of a miracle my own daughter is because of surviving her own NICU and PICU stays. Coy is one of God's miracles - so are the two of you. You are all part of his plan, each with his/her own purpose on this earth. Keep the faith. Love, Julie

KK said...

Hey you two... what an amazing song! I heard it in the car earlier today and just lost it.... I was going to see if you had heard it and then I saw that it's on the blog! It's like it was written specifically for ya'll and Coy. So amazing. I love you both and Coy so much.
All my love and prayers,