Tuesday, December 11, 2007

End of Day 8

"Fear is useless; what is needed is trust and his life will be spared." Luke 8:50

Today was a good day for our little man. He continues to be strong & brave!
Our prayers have been answered---the doctors increased his feeds to 2cc every 3 hours! And so far, he's tolerated them all! The more nutrition we can get into his tiny body, the bigger he can grow!!
Along with tolerating his feeds, he began pooping! yeah! I know most moms don't get excited when their children "poop", but this is awesome for our tiny little man! We are so thankful for this!
I am so blessed that I am able to sit with him at the hospital all day. I could sit next to him forever.
Good news--yesterday they began weaning down his humidity--as soon as he's off humidity, I can start doing Kangaroo Care---where he will be skin to skin on my chest & we get to sit for hours!
His blood gases today were stable--not good enough to wean down on the vent though
We need God to mature his lungs fast so we can wean off the vent as soon as possible! (although it is now allowing him to breathe, ventilators can damage lung tissue if used too long) Please beg God for this!
Coy layed on his tummy today for the first time; he really enjoyed it--he's a energetic little guy and is always kicking his legs & waving his arms around; he was very peaceful & slept while on his stomach.
Although we have a long way to go, we have been truly blessed the first 8 days--
Chris & I are so thankful to all of you...we are touched at how many people have reached out to us during this time. Although we are scared and fearful of the unknown, we are trying to take it one day at a time and trust in the Lord. God has given us an amazing 8 days--please pray this continues...


L.K.Tarver said...

Chris and Anne Marie, I wanted to let you know how many people in Bryan are praying for you. I have a group of friends (coworkers) who are praying for you. At church my choir and a parent prayer group are praying for you. My mother-in-law has you on her churchs prayer list. Kathy's emails have been a strong witness to many people here how God works in our lives through challenges such as this. There is a reason the Kolkhorst clan is so big and this in one occasions when our size comes in handy. Please know through Coy's experience people are seeing God in action with you and Coy. My prayer is that God continues to bless Coy. May God continue to strengthen the two of you. May people continue to be witnessed to by this experience. Coy may never know the number of prayers that are being sent up to heaven but I know there are many. May God continue to guide the hands of the doctors and nurses who care for Coy. I will do all I can in Bryan, Texas to keep the prayers coming. You keep loving The Lord and that precious son! I look forward to updates. God Bless!

Heather's Place said...

Hi Chris & Anne Marie,
I will be continuing to spread the news for prayer for more miracles for precious little Coy-hair stylists are known for spreading the word :)
Agreeing with you in prayers for strength & perseverence for yourselves & Coy!
God Bless,
Heather Sibley

Amanda said...

I am begging Jesus for these things with you. God bless you guys today!

Kristen Schulze said...

Hi, Chris and Ann Marie,

Congratulations on your little one!! What a miracle Coy is!! I so appreciate the updates from Kathy and I pray specifically for the things that Coy needs. Your family has so many prayer warriors interceding on your family's behalf. God is our healer and I just pray that God will continue to stengthen Coy (and you both)with each passing day. Enjoy each experience you have with your little guy. What a blessing Coy is!! Have a wonderful day....

Peace and love,

Kristen Schulze

Melissa said...

It is so amazing to see the work that God has shown to all of your family and friends. I continue my prayers that each day will build upon the next and Coy will develop into the strong man he is meant to be. I am praying for you, Ann Marie and Chris and for the peace in your hearts. Coy is so lucky to have parents like the two of you. Take care.
Love-Melissa Williams

The Silva's said...

I am praying for your little one and you entire family. May God give you the strength to overcome the obstacles you guys are faced with. I pray that He wraps His arms around that tiny little miracle and his parents; I hope that Coy continues to grow and become stronger with each passing day. It is truly amazing to see how much fight and will these little ones have. Please know that during these times your family is in constant prayer and whatever you guys need will be provided through our Lord. I am thinking about you guys!! God will bless your family with miracles beyond our imagination.
With love,

Anonymous said...

Chris and Anne Marie,
You both are so brave. I am in awe of you all's hearts and strength and am blessed as I read your blog. I am praying for your miracle son. I pray and trusting that God continues to grant Coy favor. I pray that God does something to shock even the doctor's, as He developes, grows, and strengthens Coy. Thank you for sharing your joys and tears with all of us - for it is a true testimony of God's Power. Your trust and hope is rooted in the Great Healer, and for that, your courage and faith are blessing many.

Much love, grace, and peace,
Jacky Baker and Yellowstone Academy

The Van Fam said...

What good news!! I look so forward to the post when you get to hold your sweet boy to your chest. As always...you three are in our thoughts and prayers!

Todd said...

Chris and Ree,
My mom and I read your blog today, what an incredible job you are doing letting all of us know what's going on with the little guy. Just be assured that God's love for this guy and for yall far exceeds how much we love all of yall, and we love yall alot. Cant wait until we can see him!
Love and prayers,
Todd and Aunt Vee.

Jessie&Craig said...

We are saying our prayers for your precious little boy and we will pray for Coy and your family at our Bible study tomorrow night. Coy is truly blessed to have such wonderful and loving parents. With lots of love, Jessie Willis and Craig Stansberry

Tom & Cathy Worthen said...

Chris and Anne Marie, I want you both to know that all of us at Fielder's Choice have little Coy, and the two of you in our prayers. You will grow stronger with this experience, even though you have many question right now. This experience will instill in the two of you the value of the love of your family and friends. And most important allow you to recognize the stength of the precious love you have for your child.

We will have Coy in our thoughts and prayers and we will give thanks for his birth.

Tom & Cathy Worthen said...

Chris & Anne Marie, Cathy and I, as well as all of us at Fielder's Choice want you to know that Coy and the two of you are in our prayers. You will become stronger from this experience even though you have many question right now. This experience will allow you to recognize the magnitude of love you have from friends and family. You will also recognize the unmeasureable amount of love you have for your precious child.

We will have both of you in our thoughts and prayers as we ask God to continue to strengthen Coy

Mark said...

Anne Marie and Chris -- Wow! He's beautiful. I've read most of the postings & Marina & I are just amazed at his progress. We are lifting up our prayers for little Coy. Our hearts are with him 24/7 -almost like WE are his parents. We are at 16 weeks Anne Marie, and just found out ours is a boy too! A thousand hugs and prayers for you all -- Mark G. (Plavix Rep)

Maura said...

Hey. I know we don't actually know each other very well, but Mandy's always kept me up to date on what's going on with her family.
I've been thinking about you and praying for everyone, especially your Little Coy. I'm so glad that God's given you such great faith to trust Him and know that He will take care of each of you in the Kolkhorst family.
With much hope and many prayers,
Maura (Mandy's old roommate)

Mark said...

Anne Marie & Chris -- We read this blog on a daily basis & are on the edge of our seats. We know that this miracle - which is COY - will forever change your lives & even those that tune in every day for progress reports. The Kangaroo Care is enough to make your heart melt. God bless all of you! We keep praying, daily! - Marina (Mark's wife -"Plavix guy")