Monday, December 28, 2009

life lately.

Let's see...where do I start? 

It's been so long since I've updated.  I've been battling "blogger's block"---I have not been able to put together a post to save my life.  Also, it doesn't help that the only hours I actually have time to sit and blog are late ones...and I usually just give up and go to sleep.

So, here goes nothing...

We had a very blessed and merry Christmas.  Our families are amazing and we had many Christmas celebrations to attend.  I feel like we were literally on a schedule from Wednesday-Saturday.  That is not easy to keep with two kids...2 & under.  But we survived and are so thankful for the time we were able to spend with our loved ones.  We were also proud to finally be able to bring Coy to all of our family functions.  It's so nice to see him play and have fun with other kids and interact with everyone.  Of course, we still have to be careful with him, but we know that living in a bubble is not possible nor fun. =) 

Coy has been doing amazingly well and seems to be growing up everyday.  He makes us laugh so much.  Santa brought him a Step2 Kitchen and I don't think he's stopped 'cooking' since.  He loves it and it's so much fun to watch.  He's always been a fan of pots/pans/bowls/kitchen utensils that I thought he would like it.

He is so smart...we are amazed at some of the things he does and understands.  He will follow our 'commands' and do what we ask of him (most of the time).  He's still not as verbal as we'd hope, but he's definitely making progress.  He seems to be learning new words/sounds every day or two.  He really is trying hard at speech, and I'm confident one day it'll click for him. 

He continues to attend ST once weekly, OT every other week, and PT monthly.  For a couple months now, his OT & PT have noticed a hesitancy to be on an 'uneven' surface, walk down stairs, etc.  I had noticed at the park he did not want to stand up on the higher surfaces.  It was as though he was afraid of heights.  This lead his therapist to question whether his eyes were functioning together...and whether his brain was accurately perceiving what he was seeing.  So, we were referred to a Vision therapist for further evaluation.

He's been twice to VT and we found out Coy's VOR (vestibulo-ocular reflex) on the vertical axis needs developing.  In other words, we need to be working with him to look at objects higher than his eye-level.  People without this reflex have difficulty with spacial awareness, i.e. they are off balance, stumble, fall often, have trouble reading, poor drivers.  On his 'bad days' Coy will walk with his arms out (he's trying to balance himself and find his center of gravity) and will trip and fall over things on the floor.  The degree of symptoms vary greatly on how he's feeling, if he's well rested, over stimulated, congested, etc---and most days he does just fine.  We will continue to see the VT once monthly for evaluations. 

Other than that, he's just a normal, energetic kid who loves to play.  He is so affectionate and sweet.  I think he gives me 10 kisses a day and his sister gets 20!  Oh, and daddy gets a few too!  We love it!

Cydney is our little 'Gerber' baby and I can't believe she's already 5 months old.  The time has flown by!  She is rolling over, laughing, cooing, smiling, and kinda prop sitting.  She weighs just over 15 lbs already and loves to eat.  I love her rolls and everything else about her.  She is the prettiest girl in the world to me and I can't believe how blessed we are to have her.  I look at her sometimes and just can't get enough.  It is almost still not real that we have her and God carried us through our incredible difficult pregnancy.  Blessed, we are. 

I can't think of anything else for now....I'm sure that's plenty to comprehend in one night anyway! =)  We still feel so blessed to have you all part of our lives! 


Ann Glowacki said...

Hi Ann marie!

Great post... I totally understand the lack of blog posting time now, it's hard to do w/ 2 little ones! :)

Beautiful pictures! Coy is so cute and Cydney is beautiful, you are blessed! It would be so fun to get together with you guys sometime, I'm sure Jaxson and Coy would have a blast! Tyson is doing very well, he's such a breeze compared to what we experienced with Jaxson!

Take care, you guys look great!


Connor's Mom said...

Glad y'all had a great Christmas and glad to hear everyone's doing well. Have a Happy New Year!

I am Trish Marie said...

Emmi also has issues with balance. A little different in nature, though. Hers stems from two things. She has brain damage in the area that controls reflexes such as the startle reflex. She also, like many people with hearing loss, has balance control issue due to the changes in her inner ear. Combine the two, and the kid could not walk in a straight line, well, ever! She wore a protective helmet for awhile, because she fell and hit her head so often. Now, she is slight bit clumsier than other kids, but at five, most people can't tell that she even struggled with balance issues. Hopefully, you will find this to be the case with Coy.

And, your kids are just too cute!!

Hilary said...

What great pictures!!! I love that Coy has a kitchen...what a sweet boy :) Sister is getting so gig too! Love it! Happy new year to you and your family :)