Friday, August 7, 2009

this & that

Score for Team Mommy---both babies are sleeping right now---time for a quick update!

We've been home for over a week now, and I'm happy to report that I'm still sane! It has definitely been an adjustment going from one kiddo to two, but it's not been too hard, really. I'm tired from feeding a newborn every few hours round the clock and chasing a 20 month old who never slows down, but all in all, it's been great.

Coy is having some jealousy/regression while he is getting use to his new sister in the house. But he's been very sweet with her as well. He loves to go over to her cradle and watch her sleep. He points to her and says "baby". When I'm holding and feeding Cydney, he is wanting me to hold him too. He looks at me and says "baba", meaning he wants a bottle too. Cousin Colby was over this week and Coy went right up to him, and pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and started sucking on it. I can't even tell you the last time he took a pacifier---over a year ago.

Because he's such a big boy now, Coy has his very own play room (aka our breakfast area). When Chris & I built our house a few years ago, we didn't think about a "room for all the toys that your children will accumulate in their first years of life." So, we decided to remove our kitchen table, and just let Coy take over that area. He loves it. I love it too because I can clean the kitchen and keep my eye on him as well.

Coy is talking all the time these days. He says baseball, baby, grandma, mommy, more, uh oh, lollipop, ball, bubbles, etc. He is such an adventurous and independent child. He will go in the backyard and explore, play in the sandbox, and dirt. I love that he's developing and growing up, although it makes me sad that he's no longer a baby.

Cydney had another Pediatrician appt today. She is 5lb 50z. Her doctor said her weight gain is okay, but wished she had gained an oz/day. Cydney is having some issues with reflux already. She has been spitting up more than I'd like and her tummy is distended at times. She is VERY gassy--I feel so bad for her sometimes. We are going to try Nursing Mom's Tea and Gripe Water to see if that will help at all. If not, the doctor said she could possibly need medications---which I don't want to do unless absolutely necessary.

She is such a good baby so far, although, she does have her days and nights mixed up. She is up eating every 2 hours at night, but I think she'd sleep all day if I let her. I have been nursing her about twice per day and she is doing better. She will latch on and suck for about 10 minutes before passing out again. I wake her back up, but she will usually not latch on again. So, we supplement with a bottle afterwards. I think she'll get the hang of it eventually! Chris really hopes so! =)

Speaking of Chris, he's been such a great help with both kids. He gets up at night to feed Cydney, bathes Coy, runs errands I need done, etc. He's been amazing and we're so blessed to have such a supportive husband/father!

That's all I can think of for now...we are so overwhelmed by all your love & support. God is so good and we are so grateful. Please continue to pray for our little miracles...

Here are a few new pictures and two videos...

No pictures of Cydney this time....she doesn't like the flash on the camera...

Coy's new "play room"...




amyoutlaw said...

Great news. Good luck with the reflux. And as far as a playroom, they end up where you are anyway b/c they want to be near mom. ;-) I drank that tea but not for reflux purposes. I did see an increase in my milk.


amy said...

glad everything is going well- that's wonderful!!! My girls refluxed badly for months (like entire bottles coming back up and having to start all over... BOTH of them...yuck!) Riley was very very gassy too. Our OT suggested Infant Massage- she taught me a TON-- some were for gas/constipation specifically). If you search it online, I'm sure you could find some. It really was hte only thing that helped with Riley's gas. My pedi didn't want to put her on meds because she was so tiny, but she eventually just grew out of it (hallelujah!). HOpe it gets better and better for Cydney.

Vickirdh said...

Great pix and I LOVE the videos! Too cute!!! I knew where that last one was going. Just didn't think it would be hit that hard. :) Thanks for sharing your pix and your lives with us.

With love and prayers, Vicki

The Mc's said...

Wynn was only 5 lbs. 4 oz. when she came home and had horrible gas and reflux issues. I ended up trying Udo's Choice Infant Probiotics and Colic Calm because they're all natural fda approved remedies. They were a HUGE help! She eventually grew out of it but it was a struggle trying to figure out what would make her feel better. I hated seeing my little baby suffer. :( She also started prescription Zantac at about 8 weeks and that was a big help with the reflux pain too. Cool play area too!

The Blowey Bunch said...

Your family is so precious and I am so glad for you to be at home and getting settled back it, it's such a wild time and to have two so close in age I am sure you are trying to just get in a rhythm, but I am so thankful God has given you two healthy babies and everyone is doing well. Still praying for you girl!
PS. the meds aren't that bad, I used them for a little while with Kehnley and they really helped.