Wednesday, July 8, 2009

33 weeks

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant; I am so excited!

This will be a quick update because really nothing has changed over the past few days. My doctor decided to not check my cervix this morning because I haven't had any pain or bleeding and he thought it'd be best to wait until next week. Sounds good to me! =)

I had another BPP on Tuesday; Cydney did great and was looking so cute! They haven't done a weight estimate since 31 weeks, but I'm hoping she's at least 4 lbs and some change. I can definitely feel her growing in there---she seems to be stretching out everywhere! She is still head up and bottom down, which doesn't matter anyway since I'll have a c-section regardless.

Thanks for all your continued love and support! I promise to update if something changes suddenly!


Vickirdh said...

Yay for only 3 more weeks!!!!

Devon said...

you are doing awesome! so proud of you!

Lolly said...

Ann Marie,

I have been following your blog for quite a while, since Coy was born. I'm not sure how I found it, but have enjoyed reading. Your faith is an inspiration to many, I am sure. Congratulations on making it to 33 weeks.

I have a friend who was hospitalized yesterday at 23 weeks with twins and will be on bedrest until delivery, which hopefully will be in the fall.

I wanted to ask someone who has been going through this, what is the most helpful and meaningful tasks/treats that people have done for you? I want to take care of her as best as possible, and wanted advice from an expert. She has a great support team with family and church. She also has a 2 year old.

Free At Last said...

Congrats on 33 weeks!

Catherine said...

Hi Ann Marie

I have been following Coy for quite a while, he is doing great. My twins were born at 33 weeks exactly and had no issues at all, three weeks in NICU 4lbs 3ozs each so I know you are in the home straight. Good luck, Kate

Amanda said...

Does it blow your mind that you'd already had Coy for more than 2 months by now? Craziness! Hang in there, sweet friend! You are my hero!

meredith said...

You are doing awesome! Hang in there!

BTW - Coy is super cute!