Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 weeks!

Today, on 27th of May, I am 27 weeks....Praise God!

I have been in the hospital for 7 weeks now. It seems crazy that I have not been outside since April 7th. (I will go outside soon...when I hit 28 weeks, that will be my reward!)

I have been missing 'everyday' life...riding in a car, running errands, taking walks, giving Coy baths and putting him to bed, going to dinner, going to church, etc. You get the drift. I use to get 'stressed' out with small things. That seems so silly to me now.

I am feeling so incredibly blessed that I am here not because I am terminally ill or going through a catastrophic life event. But because I am having a baby. I know that (or I think I will at least, no one is promised tomorrow) I will return to my life, my husband, my baby boy (with a new sister). Not that my life will be the will be busy with 2 kids. But what a gift that is.

My heart aches for those who are here and their lives are turned upside down with tragedy. I hear the LifeFlight helicopter fly in and out all day long, everyday. I pray each and every time for whom ever is on there, for God to give them healing and peace.

I hope I never take the 'little things' for granted again. Kids fighting, a dirty house, laundry....I can't wait to return to those.

In other news, I have been feeling good...the past few days have flown by. I need to make it at least one more week; 28 weeks is a big milestone. But don't worry...I will not give up there. I will stand on my head if needed.

Many people have asked if I could possibly go home soon. Since we are taking things one day at a time, it will just depend on how I am feeling in a few weeks. Maybe at 30 or 32 weeks possibly....but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I try not to think that far in the future or get anxious about what tomorrow will bring. Each day is a gift and I am just thankful to be here now...still pregnant!

I am so grateful for all your prayers, support, comments, emails, and cards! They are so encouraging!

BTW, Coy is doing great. He is giggling, dancing, and having the best time with his Grandma's, Aunts, and cousins. He absolutely loves to play the sandbox, swinging, wagon rides. He the cutest thing on the planet. No bias, right? =)


Vickirdh said...

Yay for 27 weeks!! You are amazing!!! Before you know it, you'll be home with Cydney, Coy, and Chris (Do we need to change your name to Can Marie so you can be a C too???) and you'll be enjoying all the everyday life things! I'm hoping 28 weeks will bring beautiful weather for your outing! With love and prayers, Vicki

Vickirdh said...

And yay for Homeshade photography! It's back!!

Lynne Piper said...

Hi Ann Marie:

Great to read your post tonight. You're right, there is SO much to be thankful for! What an incredible blessing that you have made it this far and I beleive will continue to do great under your doctor's care (and the Great Physician as well!) He is answering our prayers for sweet Cydney Marie. Thank you Jesus!!


Lynne Piper

Jason and Shari said...

Praise God that everything is going so well. He has you in his arms and is not going to let go. Stay strong and keep fighting. I find it so funny that the last time you were pregnant so was I and now the same thing again. Take care.

Lauren said...

Hey Ann Marie! Your are doing GREAT! You are so strong and handling the hospital bed rest beautifully! I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since you've been there too! You must be dying to see the sun again and get some fresh air! I hope you can venture out VERY SOON! What if you where just wheeled outside for a few minuets in a wheelchair? That's what I was able to do (before the very strick bed rest set in).

I know exactly what you mean about missing all the little things and not taking them for granted. I remember, I couldn't wait to get home and see what's in my fridge and even wash the dishes!

Hang in there girl!!


evwmom said...

Hang in there! I was on bed rest for two weeks then had to deliver at 24.5 weeks. I have been living at the hospital since! 4 mo in NICU and now we are bunking in with Evan at the children's hospital. you are SO right! I too will never get upset about the laundry getting done, the wood floors needing to be cleaned, etc. I totally see life so differently now. I am so thankful for everyday with Evan and not knowing what the future holds makes each day so much fuller for me now. Thinking of you while you are there, good job so far! I have become addicted to the blog world when my son sleeps. Still not used to the hospital food though. haha

Amanda said...

You're doing so good! What a great way to look at this - at least you're there for a happy reason!

The Silva's said...

I am so proud of you!!! Lots of Love!!!!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm so happy that everything is going well. Congrats on 27 weeks! By the way... I love her name!

Hilary said...

You are doing so great!! :) That great news :)

lisaswendsen said...

Such awesome news. I hope that it is setting in with you that things are much better and look more hopeful! Congrats. Once I was 28 weeks they wheeled my bed outside with all of the other ladies for bedrest support group. You are doing so amazingly well and I admire your fight for your beautiful baby girl. And you are almost 28 weeks which is so amazing. I don't have to tell you that! It is a great and oh so importnant milestone!

Momofsix said...

Praise Jesus- 27 weeks and counting...
I am wondering if I am going to make it(making your gift) before you leave the hospital. IF not then I will have to try to send it to you directly.
See we are in a middle of a move so all my stuff is packed so I can not make what I want for the baby till we move.

I will keep in touch!

Thank you Jesus for answer prayers! Continue to protect baby Cydney and Ann Marie. May your receive all the glory!!!
In Jesus Name

hallegracesmama said...

Yay for 27+ weeks! It was between 27 and 28 weeks in the hospital that I first began to really let myself plan for the twins' arrival. Such a different experience than suddenly having a 23wkr and being thrown into that roller coaster! Hope you are able to dream of life with sweet Cydney as you continue your bedrest. You and your family remain in my prayers.

kgjones said...

Keep it up girl! You are such a strong woman. I love the name and the dress! We will keep praying for Cydney! -Kathy

Darla said...

I have been following your blog for a while now. I don't know you, but have kept you in my thoughts.
My niece has a 3 month old little boy. He just passed his due date about 3 weeks ago. He was very early. He is doing well with no problems, thank G-d. My niece herself was a tiny very early preemie too. She weighed 3 lbs.
The doctors did not think either she or Bryson would survive. But, G-d has plans for them, as He does your little girl. I will keep checking your posts and can't wait to see your sweet baby in a couple of months. ddd