Wednesday, January 21, 2009

therapy/eye update

Coy had his monthly PT evaluation this morning with Sara. I'm so thankful we have her to go to. She really answers all my questions and puts my mind to ease. I have been growing more concerned in regards to Coy's transition to table food. He seems to have days where he is just not interested. He loves a food one day, then the next, he refuses it. Needless to say, it can become very frustrating and helpless feeling! Sara suggested a speech therapy consult to see if there is something causing the refusal, i.e. sensory issues, coordination issues, etc. She said there are "picky eaters" then there are "problem eaters". I am hoping we have a "picky" eater, but if not, want to fix the problem ASAP! I am all for it and we have it scheduled for next Tuesday. He loves his bottles, loves purees, puffs and stuff like that, but isn't really consisently taking to solid table food yet. We are hoping by his March adjusted age birthday that he will be weaned off formula and eating like a champ!

Coy continues to do wonderfully with this gross motor skills. He is pulling up on everything, becoming more stable when standing, and cruising down furniture. Sara thinks he will be standing independently within the next month,and hopefully walking by his adjusted age 1 year birthday of March 28th. This month, we are going to work on his fine motor skills (picking up blocks, putting them in a bucket, taking them out again, etc). Looking at our full term niece & nephews, I could tell that Coy is struggling in this area a bit. This I hear is not uncommon for a preemie. We will be working on it and hopefully see progress soon! =)

Last week, he had a 3 month eye check up with Dr. Hittner. After waiting for 2 hours with a very energetic 1 year old (trying to not let him touch the floor or the toys other kids were playing with!), we got a great report! She said his eyes look excellent, he has no need for glasses at this time, and doesn't need to return for 6 months! Woo hoo, thank you God!

Coy is so very active these days! He really goes 100 mph until he literally passes out! Thank goodness for daytime naps! He is still obsessed with his UT bat and takes it everywhere he goes. He crawls around the entire house holding on to it. He even snuggles with it in bed; I know most kids have a bear or something, not Coy, he snuggles to a bat. Do they have Tball for 1 year olds? =)

Thanks for all your continued love and support! We are so blessed!


Mountain Girl said...

I'm an EI and work with a 19 mos old little girl who had a G tube. She loves her bottle and crunchy foods. She does not like lumpy soft stuff. We have found with her that we expose her to all sorts of textures - she may or may not eat them. Sometimes it takes her a long time to play with it before she'll put it in her mouth. My suggestion is to follow up with a speech therapist. But, give Coy plenty of opportunities to play and experience different textures. Make it fun - be goofy, you try it and then say Coy's turn. Make funny faces, sing songs, etc. I'm sure it's frustrating, but hang in there!

Vicki Willis said...

I think I see a future Longhorn slugger in your family....sorry, Chris :) I'm hoping to maybe get to see Coy soon, like maybe when someone has to come and get their teeth cleaned soon??? Oh, and happy anniversary. I think Kathy said it's today and she's babysitting, hopefully overnight. That would be a great time to rejuvenate yourselves, have some together time, and maybe get some sleep! You're still in my prayers. Love, Vicki

amyoutlaw said...

Congrats on your new pregnancy! I'll pray all is uneventful! Love how the bat is his lovie! Too cute.

Renee Alfaro said...

AnnMarie--What wonderful news. This is not only a testament to God's goodness, but also to your dedication to working with and being an advocate for Coy. You are a great mother and God could not have chosen anyone better to be Coy's mom (or the mom of baby to be)

Erin said...

I'm sure Chris just HATES that Coy is so in love with his Bat, right? haha :)