Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crawling Coy!

I finally was able to video some of Coy's crawling. He is getting more expert by the minute and increasing his speed as well. He went from our living room rug all the way to the kitchen, in chase of the dogs of course! He also pulled up twice on our coffee table and once in his crib (don't worry, we are lowering his bed)! He has so much energy and is so happy. He's always laughing or smiling or playing. He is keeping us busy!


Lori said...

Hi, Ann Marie!

I came across your blog by another friend's blog just today... I just wanted to tell you that Coy looks AMAZING! I tried to start reading his journey from DOL 1, but it's so much information! I am a neonatal transport nurse in Dallas...and it is so encouraging to see a little 23 weeker look as wonderful as your little Coy. I am sure if I read the details, you had some hard days, but I know you enjoy every moment with him now. Congratulations!!!! He looks great!

Lori Tench

Our little Miracles said...

Your little man truley is a miracle. I hope he continues to amaze everyone. I can hardly wait for our little man to get his strength back and start being able to sit up and try to crawl.