Friday, October 24, 2008

almost crawling/GI update

Here is a quick video of Coy 'rocking'...he's really, really close to crawling (my mom thinks it'll be within the next few days!)...he is getting so mobile that he can get across the room in a flash...

Coy is still recovering from his GI bug. I thought he was fully recovered, however, yesterday he threw up his breakfast and continued to have diarrhea. The Pediatrician said "it'll be a week before he feels better." Okay, I understand, but I just feel so sorry for him. She suggested we try Soy formula until his stomach is better and sure enough, that has worked. He has been able to keep it down and he's having less diarrhea.

He had a GI appt already scheduled today and they told me to bring him in although he's been sick. He did lose some weight (from 16 lbs 6 oz to 15 lbs 15 oz), which isn't horrible, but the doctor wants me to keep a close eye on it. Other than that, he thought he looked great.

Hopefully, Coy will be back to normal soon and we can start giving him food again (purees, Stage 2). He loves his baby food and I know he's really missing it!

Here are two other cute pics I got yesterday...He loves to stand up, so we propped him against the couch and he stood holding on to it to all by himself...

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Tyler, Tracey, Jaymin, and soon Rilyn! said...

I am so amazed at Coy's development! He seems to be surpassing all his milestones and doing exceptionally well. Jaymin didn't learn to crawl until he was 14 months actual age...I honestly didn't think he was going to ever crawl. He is such a little miracle and God truly has blessed your family with a miracle baby. I enjoy keeping up with his development and daily changes. Take Care


Vicki Willis said...

Oh, yeah, he's ready to take off. It won't be long. Then you'll be in big trouble. He'll be getting into all kinds of things. :) I love at the end of the video when the dog jumps in the pic. That was great!

Coy continues to amaze me. It's hard to believe that he's ever had anything wrong with him. What a blessing he is! Thanks for continuing to share with us.

Love, Vicki

I am Trish Marie said...

I couldn't wait for Jill to start crawling. Then she did, and all I wanted her to do was stop! She got into everything!!! That was one plus side to Emmi being a later crawler/walker. She bought me a little extra time.

I hope everyone is feeling better this weekend.

RyanAndrew2007 said...

He just gets cuter by the day! I love the picture of him standing. It's amazing how different kids look when they are standing up. I'm glad the GI bug is gone and I hope Coy feels much, much better soon.


Rachel Lee Broussard said...

ok girl, Jackson has the dino jammies and also has "i love mummy" outfit just in another color! So funny. I love that video! He is so ready to go any day... watch out! I still have a few months before the chase begins! So glad y'all feel better, yuck! take care.xoxo