Thursday, September 4, 2008

chubby baby

Today was our monthly eye check-up with the great, Dr. Hittner. I went in fully confident that everything was okay, and sure enough, it was. She said his eyes look "great" and now doesn't need to see him back for 6 weeks. That was music to my ears! Dr. Hittner also asked what I was feeding him because he was "chubby." =) He is now 15 lbs 3 oz.

Our little "chubby" baby continues to eat his rice cereal mixed with applesauce twice daily. A few days ago, I also started him on his first vegetable, peas. He made the funniest face of disgust upon the first taste, however, soon took a liking to them. He is really turning into a champion eater and loves siting his is big boy high chair!

(Doesn't he look amused??)

This past Saturday, Coy cut his first tooth (front, bottom tooth)! FINALLY! After all these months of drooling and chewing. (Vicki, are you ready for another Kolkhorst?) =) It's so funny to watch him attempt to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. He is reaching for toys, wanting to play with the remotes/cell phones, loves sitting at the table (on my lap) and grabbing at my plate/beating on the table. He is maturing by the day, and seriously, the cutest thing I've ever seen. That's not biased, huh?

We are working hard on his therapy. I am getting concerned that he still isn't interested in his feet. I will lift them up and he'll grab them right away, but he will not lift them up himself. He does lift them some, but not enough to grab them. I am also concerned in regards to the tightness in his shoulders/arms. We are doing infant massage twice daily and seeing some improvement, however, he still carries a lot of tension in his shoulders. We return for another evaluation next Friday. Please pray for him to continue to develop daily and reach all his milestones! I have let the "what ifs" plaque me lately, and I admit, it makes me panic. "What if" he stops developing, what if he doesn't walk, talk, go to school, throw a ball??? I have found peace in knowing God created him perfect and whole and He made no mistake when He created Coy. Who am I to question His authority?

We are doing our best to keep Coy's oxygen on at night. I have to wait until he is good and asleep or else it's a war of wills. He does fight it even when he's asleep, but not near as much. We usually wake up to find the cannula is either resting between his eyes or in his mouth, but we still continually monitor him with our pulse ox and never is he below 96. There really is no good solution to keeping the oxygen on because he is very strong, and even with tape, will rip it right off his face.

We are so appreciative of the continued love and support! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Vicki Willis said...

Love the bath video above. He's just too cute! I love the way y'all have so much fun with him. Great parents!

As soon as I read where you said he cut a tooth, I was thinking, "Yippee!!! I get to clean it one day!!" And then you mentioned it in the next sentence. I'm definitely ready for another Kolkhorst (and another Sanchez about the same time??). But it'll be another couple of yrs. before they are ready. Can't wait!!!

Glad he's eating so well. He really is getting so big. But then he looks so small in that big ol' high chair!

You are still all in my prayers that Coy will continue to develop normally and that God will quiet all your fears.

With love and prayers, Vicki

creative gal said...

You and your little one will be in my prayers! I have worked with premature babies and I firmly believe your faith will take you a long way! :o) Hugs from NC!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter did not pay attention to her feet until she was maybe 8 months old. She was the same as Coy by holding them if I picked them up but never did it on her own. I was getting concerned also. Then one day she just started holding them and putting them in her mouth all on her own. I understand the constant what if concerns but he's probably right on track. Also the bath video is adorable!! What a cutie!

Here It Comes said...

Oh I remember those "what-if" days all to well. Actually, I still have them quite a bit, but to a lesser degree. There were so many things we were told Emmi would never do. I can't remember what all I have told you, so I am sorry if I am repeating myself, but I was told Emmi would not live to her first birthday. After that she would never sit, crawl, walk, talk, communicate at all, etc. There has always been something, and she continues to surpass their expactations. A little part of me believes that has to do with my faith. In her and in God. Something I don't talk about often, but something I deeply believe. Those moments can be so terrifying. They take your breath away. But finally, I realized the answer to that what-if question. I will be able to handle it. And so will she.

You have proven yourself to be such a strong person through this. Your faith has been tested on so many levels, yet you have not wavered. You will be able to handle whatever is dealt your way. But, I have a feeling that little man is going to way surpass any expectations.

Anonymous said...

Today I read something on another preemie-related site that really hit home with me re: worrying about your preemie. This very wise person said something to the effect that for a preemie parent, worry is a payment in advance for a debt you may not owe. That statement managed to calm a little of my fears about my own 26-weeker's future and I wanted to pass it along to you.

Best wishes for Coy and for his worried parents. God is with you all!