Monday, September 29, 2008

appt update

Coy had two appointments today, the first was with the High risk Pedi and the second was the Pulmonologist. The High risk pediatrician (he will follow up with them until about 2 yrs old) thought he looked awesome and was really impressed with his weight gain and growth (16 lbs, 26 inches long). She did notice some high tone in his legs, however, stated, "I'm not worried about it because he's doing so well otherwise." High muscle tone can be a sign of Cerebral Palsy, (which Coy has a higher risk of having due to his extreme prematurity). We don't need to follow up for another 6 months, and in the meantime, we will continue to do therapy and keep a close eye on his development.

The Pulmonologist explained the Sleep study results to me and I tried to explain to her that it doesn't add up with Coy. He's not having apneas at home, his monitor is not going off, he's growing, developing, active....he's clinically not "starved" of oxygen. I'm not saying the test results are wrong, I just am having a hard time putting the two together. They are still recommending we see a Neurologist to check out his brain development....we have an appt on Oct 22nd. Please continue to pray for Coy's continued healing and growth. He's doing so amazing and we feel so blessed and thankful.

In between our appointments, we ventured over to the NICU where Coy "lived" for his first 4 months of life. We were able to see 3 of the most amazing nurses that took care of our little man; they loved him like he was one of their own. Part of our heart belongs to these people and we will never forgot them. They were rays of light during our darkest hours, and not only did they take care of Coy, they took care of Chris and I, too.

Sorry, no new pics this week. Mommy's been slacking. Little man is busy and wild these days. He's sitting up for brief periods of time and now loves to be on his hands and knees rocking back and forth. He's also cutting his second tooth! And, I guess he's in his "separation anxiety" stage. It seems he gets really upset when mommy or daddy aren't around. I wonder how long this will last. =)

Thanks for all your love and encouragement! We love you back!


Jason and Shari said...

OMG...Praise God. This is all so good. I am so glad to hear that he is doing so well. I will keep praying for you all.