Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Coy continues to bless our lives more and more each day. I never imagined I could love so much. He makes my days brighter, my smile bigger, and my heart softer. He continues to amaze us with his sweet and playful personality. He is so happy, so joyful, and so content (most of the time!).

This weekend Coy took his first trip to a restaurant! Oh my goodness, like any first timers, I was beyond nervous. Chris was on a "mini-vacation" or guys retreat for Friday & Saturday, so Coy and I went out to eat to celebrate Father's Day with my dad, mom, & sis. I had my bags all packed, ready for anything to happen, dirty diapers, puke, hunger, etc. Coy was so excited to be out in public. He was looking all around trying to take in the new environment. I was trying to not draw attention to us because I was so apprehensive people would try to touch him. I "wore" him in my awesome sling (another great find by brilliant S-I-L Jenny) and of course that did draw attention from every direction. The good news was that no one attempted a touch, I think that it was because people didn't want to touch me (kinda an invasion of personal space!) and to touch Coy, they would have to touch me (well, practically). So, it was a good experience, and I think next time I will be a little more relaxed.

Another first for Coy is he's teething! Yep, already! The bottom front tooth is now poking through. I couldn't believe it! He's been so good with it; so far, it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much. (The Giraffe in the pictures below is a teething toy!)

On Sunday, Chris was back in town and ready for Father's Day. Coy is so in love with his daddy and his daddy is so in love with Coy. It is the sweetest thing to witness. I can't tell you how many times Coy has been fussy for me, and in walks daddy, and it's an instant smile from our little man. Chris is such a wonderful father. He has been an amazing source of strength for me since December. I am in awe of his loving heart, warmth, forgiving nature, and kind spirit. Coy is so blessed to have Chris as a father. My only wish for Coy is that when he grows up, he will be a Godly man like his father. Chris is a man of integrity who loves his family, works hard for our future, and gives everything he has to those he loves. We love you daddy!


Creative Escape said...

Oh my word Anne Marie, I totally thought that my puppy Pip was posing with Coy! hee, hee

I got your note this weekend, and it was not necessary, but so appreciated.

Your little man is growing so very quickly. I love every minute I get to witness from afar!

Thanks & Hugs,


Jenny said...

Apparently Ryder and Coy are going to match even with their Grandma doesn't buy the matching outfits...yeah, Ryder has that onesie. I guess our similar taste in clothes extends to clothes for our fun!

Vicki Willis said...

See, Ann Marie and Chris??? A tooth already! I told you he needs to come with y'all the next time you come to my office.....

Great pix as usual. And Coy does have an awesome Daddy, but he also has an awesome Mommy. You two continue to amaze me. You have so much faith and love---for God, for Coy, and for each other. It shows so much through your blogging. As others have said before, it inspires so many people and has helped us all to have a better relationship with God and our families.

See you soon. Love, Vicki

Farrell Fam said...

Happy Fathers Day Chris! I can only imagine what an incredible Daddy you are. We always hear how lucky you are to have Coy....I think Coy is pretty lucky have such wonderful, loving parents like you and Ann Marie!

Ashley (Hayes) Farrell

Hilary said...

Oh Mr.Coy you are looking so great!! My you have grown...sweet puppy too..continue to pray for you to grow healthy and strong. Hope your Daddy had a great 1st daddy's day :)

Anonymous said...

we've been following coy's blog since december. his story has given us more faith in prayers being answered. so glad to see his progress. (a little side note - we have a new baby in our house also -so what kind of "awesome" sling do you have? - we are always looking for better ideas :))

Sarah Shalley said...

what kind of puppy is that? it looks just like mine.