Friday, June 27, 2008

11 lbs 15.5 oz

I've tried very hard to get a perfect picture of Coy smiling....but as soon as he sees the camera, he gets the serious face! Tasha, I need you! =)


Vicki Willis said...

You'd think by now he'd be used to the camera. But he looks cute even without a smile. And I agree with another person on the last blog that you need some UT onesies. With all the Longhorns in the Kolkhorst family, I can't believe no one has bought him one! Think how cute he'll look in burnt orange!!!! Sorry Chris. Love, Vicki

Creative Escape said...

What a handsome little man! Who needs to smile, and besides, there are plenty in your post from 06/24/08!


Anonymous said...

He is so cute even without a smile... I took Brooke to the Dr today and she is 11 lbs 9.5oz. They grow so fast and Coy has come such a long way.

Shari Cagle

Heather said...

I was reminded of my own 26 weeker who weighed 1 lb 13 oz when born in 2005. He's 3 now and doing wonderful. What a reminder of how amazing our God really is. What a miracle our children are. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. It's hard to go through, but thank God you got through.

Anonymous said...

Just wait a bit... he'll be hamming it up AND trying to grab the camera from your hand! You'll be wishing he was still such a good subject.

Congratulations on his progress! I check your blog almost daily. Coy's story is so uplifting!

Anonymous said...

I love the serious face, it's my favorite. They are so interested and always trying to learn. My daughter is teething like crazy so I would like to get her George the giraffe. Where did you get it? Coy gets cuter everytime I see him. Thanks for sharing your sweet baby boy with us!
Melissa Ashworth

The Van Fam said...

PRECIOUS! He's is too cute! He's getting so big and looking so much older these last few posts! Oh, and I agree...that serious face is just as precious!

tasha said...

he is scared of your camera in your face.. LOL

i cannot believe how big he is.. simply amazing. God is amazing!!!