Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lovin life

Sorry it's been an entire week since I last posted! We've been busy, busy and then had a very relaxing weekend at the lake!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at a lake house, about an hour from our home in Houston. It was MUCH needed and we all had a wonderful time. I was nervous about bringing Coy somewhere to stay overnight (his first time since being home from the hospital!), but he did amazing! I am such a "first-timer" and did not realize how much stuff is required for such a tiny thing! I had 4 bags just for Coy's stuff and felt like I didn't bring enough! Chris was able to play two rounds of golf, and I spent some very cherished time poolside. Due to the VERY hot weather here, Coy stayed inside majority of the time. He spent time bonding with Grandma Kolkhorst, Aunt Mandy, Aunt Jenny and Cousin Ryder.

Coy has really developed into a different baby recently. He loves looking at objects, especially mirrors, lights, mobiles, etc. He is smiling like crazy and it's so much fun to see. He has also found his thumb! About 3am Saturday morning, I woke up and found him as content as can be sucking on his thumb. It was the cutest! He is now 9lb 15.5oz and feels so heavy to me! He is eating 4-5oz every 3-4 hours, but is still struggling with some reflux issues. He was started on Erythromycin last Tuesday; at first, it wasnt doing much for him, but lately, it seems to be helping. Please continue to pray for Coy to battle reflux! He gets really frightened when he senses something coming up. His eyes get very big, he stiffens up and afterward he lets out the most heart wrenching cry. It just kills me.

We saw Dr. Hittner last Thursday for an eye check up. She said his ROP was looking better. We will see her back in 3 weeks. Please continue to pray against ROP and nearsightedness. She said he was slightly nearsighted, but nothing severe and most likely will correct itself. She stated she does not foresee him needing contacts or glasses.

I also spoke with his Cardiologist about the recent bradycardic episodes. She ordered another holter monitor which he wore on Thursday. Please pray for everything to settle down with his heart. He only seems to have one episode daily and it's usually early in the morning. Like I've said before, I don't fully trust our apnea monitor.

Please also pray that Coy continues to develop. We have another ECI evaluation this Friday. I have also made an appointment with a private PT who has lots of experience with preemies for another opinion. I am just wanting lots of eyes on him, to make sure nothing is overlooked.

We continue to be blessed by all your love and support. Okay, that's all I can think of for now, If I left anything out, just ask! =)

(By the way, I am working on Thank You notes slowly but surely! I apologize for my tardiness!)


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear things are going so well and that you were able to have a much needed relaxing weekend. Coy has excellent parents! You make sure that there is no stone unturned and that nothing is overlooked. I will be praying for his eyes, reflux, and heart. He is the cutest!!!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend and were able to have some time to rejuvenate. Coy is getting so big, and he's so cute. I'll be praying about his eyes, heart and reflux.

I always look forward to hearing what's going on in Coy's life. Thanks for sharing.


Esperanza said...

God... finally news about Coy... I was checking constantly and nothing...but it is good to know that everything is going so well... we keep Coy in our prayers... we sent a big hug... and Coy is getting so chubby...he is getting chubby girl....such a beautiful baby boy...and he looks everyday more like his daddy...
big hugs...
Esperanza Orlando & Liam Penaloza

Anonymous said...

Awesome update! Keep all the good reports coming...in all of your spare time, of course. :) We love to read about Coy's updates, but we understand that time flies and every day is precious. Love to see Coy's cute pics!

Kouper Shane Kneupper said...

I was given your blog by Jessica Clifford. I live in Seguin and I have a 6 month old little boy who had a rough start with life too(not nearly as rough as little Coy!). I just thought that I should finally leave you a comment. I keep up with you and am so happy to see Coy growing and doing well. Keep up the good work and the wonderful attitude.

Vicki Willis said...

Loved the update and the pix! Glad you had a relaxing weekend. You deserve it. And although I look forward to the posts, I certainly understand that you have a life outside of this blog. But I don't. :) Much love and prayers. Vicki

Erin said...

Ryland has that swing too...and she's finally gotten to where she pays attention to the mobile and the mirror thing on top...they're getting big fast!!!

sjsundberg said...

Hi Chris and AnnMarie!
I just wanted to say what a beautiful boy you have and how blessed you all are...you for having him...him for having you! You don't know me ("Robyn from Nebraska's" husband is my husbands stepbrother), but from the day I started reading your blog (beginning of January sometime)I've prayed for y'all every day! I am so glad he is doing well and we will continue to pray as long as he needs us to. God Bless you and stay strong by continuing to lean on Him! :) Lots of Hugs and Prayers,
The Sundberg's - Ryan, Shawna, Rheanna and Danny (from South Dakota)

McFred1 said...

Your pictures and "coming home" story remind me of when my daughter came home in April of 2006 … The monitors, O2, vomiting/choking (which turned me into a TOTAL basket case – I’ve never been more stressed out in my life) ... anyway, Abby is almost two now and doing AWESOME … you would NEVER know that that she was a 23-weeker!!

BTW - if you have not needed ROP surgery yet, I doubt you ever will!! Several babies I know that had to be followed after discharge never needed the surgery. Abby had to have the surgery done (bilaterally) before she was even discharged!!

Anyway, I love 23-weeker stories … what little troopers they are!!!!

~ Lauren

McFred1 said...

PS - If you would like to check out Abby's story, please feel free - www.kathleenabigail.com!

Robyn said...

I'm just so amazed at how big he is getting and thankful that he's doing so well.
Love you!

Emily Franks said...

I continue to love your updates - that sweet face still brings tears to my eyes - what a journey this young man has been on!!! He is so so so cute!!! I love those cheeks! The video was so sweet but definately not long enough!!! And I think you did pretty well with your baby talk!!! Y'all are doing such a great job with him - God bless you for your patience and love for your precious treasure.
Emily Franks