Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thanks to everyone for your advice! I love reading the comments and getting all your good ideas! So, THANKS!

I'm happy to report we are all doing much better! The reflux meds are working for Coy and he's taking them better now. We took the Zantac back to the pharmacy and had them flavor it grape which made it taste better and thickened it up some. Coy is now taking that medication w/o difficulty. The Reglan he needs to take a whole 5ccs (which is alot for a medicine) so, he's still not taking this one as well. I did order one of those Kidz Meds pacifiers (great idea!) and am hopeful that Coy will take the Reglan better with the new pacifier.

He's taking 80-90cc with each bottle and it usually only takes him 15-20 minutes! He has only spit up once since starting on the reflux meds, so this has eased my anxiety some. We have also been allowing him to sleep on his belly for the past two nights. I know this is a big "No- No" with the SIDS people, but hey, he's sleeping great, not spitting up, Chris & I are sleeping, and he's on a monitor. (He is sleeping in a cradle in our room....)

We are so grateful for all of you reading our blog and praying for us!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that things are improving for ya'll and Coy. He is a cutie! Keep up the good work.

aleah said...

Oh my goodness, Coy is SO adorable!! I am very happy to hear all this good news and see his big bright gorgeous eyes!! I'm still praying for you guys, have a fantastic weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have come such a long way. I totally understand the frustration with the reflux. Both of my preemies were put on meds and stayed on them for quite a while.
I read you blog daily, thanks for sharing you beautiful Coy with us. He is a miracle and I am so happy for your family.
God is great, and Coy is proof of the miracles that he works. God Bless your family.

Muggle Mom said...

what awesome news!!!! i've found with my kids that if i squirted the meds on the side of his mouth, they were more likely to swallow. and don't feel bad about putting him to bed on his tummy! if he's sleeping, go with it! hugs and prayers!


Vicki Willis said...

So glad to hear the news today and that you are getting some much needed sleep and that the meds are helping Coy with his reflux. And I say, however you can get that baby to sleep well, so you can sleep well----go for it!! I'd be willing to bet that you and Chris slept on your tummies as babies. :) LOVE the new pix. Still praying for you all. Love, Vicki

~j~ said...

hello dear ones, i have not been by for the past few days and i was so sad to hear all you have been going through and pray that you are all continuing to improve in all areas including getting more sleep, it makes everything else so much more bearable.
for you mommy and daddy and coy,
psalm 74:16 The day is yours (Lord)and yours also the night;
you established the sun and moon.
blessing always and Gods peace

Amanda Ogletree said...

I am so glad to hear that you are all sleeping better! That has to help out with every other area you are dealing with. Just so you know, both of my kids slept on their tummies and I know that most of us did as babies as well. Our parents didn't know any better! :) Anyway, God has proven time and time again that He has Coy in HIS hands and will take care of him even while he sleeps! I say, if you feel better with him sleeping in your room and on his tummy, this is what is giving you peace right now, keep doing it! God bless!

Lil' Jay & Family said...

So good to hear that things are settling down. You've gone through so much and deserve moments of venting. Coy is so precious and is getting so big. I can't believe how much he is eating already....what a good boy! Take care

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the meds are improving the situation. My son is on Reglan, weighs 18 pounds, and only takes 1.6mL; perhaps you can get a more concentrated dose. It couldn't hurt to ask your pharmacist about this. I don't know if you've ever tasted the Reglan, but it is awful. If I try to give my son the entire dose at once it takes his breath away like he just drank a shot of whiskey or something. I am sure Coy would be thankful if he didn't have to take so much. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that the meds seem to be working to help his reflux. My twins also suffered from reflux and were put on Reglan and Prevacid. One thing that seemed to work best for ours was putting a teeny bit of rice cereal in their bottles (at the doctor's suggestion). It helped thicken up the formula just enough to keep them from spitting up. However, we had trouble finding a nipple with a hole that was not so big that would not clog up with the rice but yet small enough not to choke them and make them aspirate. We found that the Munchkin Tri-Flow nipples seemed to work best for our family. There is a Slow, Med, and Fast setting, and the Med seemed to work for them. We tried the Avent one with the three settings but they had trouble aspirating with them. Every baby is different and Coy may take to another brand just fine, bu I thought I would throw my two cents out there in case you end up using rice cereal.

Robyn said...

Glad to hear it's working better for you now!! Please remember those grandma's want to help out SO MUCH!!! And trust me, the first 3 months home, you need the most help of your life. Take advantage of them and GET A NAP!!!!
Since I'm one who advocated stomach sleeping, I'll tell you what a dear friend told me. (She advocated it for my #2 since we were getting 1-2 hours a night max.) Did you know the USA is the one of TWO first-world countries that advocates back to sleep? The rest of the higher economic societies all advocate stomach sleeping. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do just to survive.

We're praying for you still!

Reyne said...

I'm so glad things are going better! Thank you for posting pictures of Coy - he is absolutely the cutest little guy! I know with all you have going, this takes time to do, but it means so much to be able to see his progress. I will continue to pray for him to do well with the meds and for you and Chris to get some sleep!

Paige Sinclair said...

AnnMarie, I have been following Coy's progress and it is a miracle that he is home with you today. My son had horrible reflux as a baby and what helped him sleep better was sleeping in the infant carrier. His pediatrician actually recommended it because then he was still sleeping on his back but he was propped up enough that if he spit up then he didn't choke on it. Plus he slept better in the smaller, more confined space of his car seat. I hope you get some good sleep these next few days

Anonymous said...

Ann Marie, I am glad to hear things are improving and your spirits seem to be higher. It is completely normal to have highs and lows, especially when you are sleep deprived! You are doing a FANTASTIC job!! And the sleeping on the tummy thing....I am all about doing whatever makes them comfortable and happy....
I hope to see you all soon! And the prayers haven't stopped!
Ashley (Hayes) Farrell

David Campbell said...

I have commented before and LOVE the fact that you guys are home! Both of my children had reflux and were on meds. Their pediatric gastro dr. said sleeping on their tummies actually puts pressure on the gastroesophogeal sphincter(nice word huh?)In turn, this makes them more comfortable.
Also, my son slept in his swing from about 3weeks to about 4months. Like another commented, a dr. in the ER recommended it. The swing was truly a life saver for us! AND, he transitioned to his crib flawlessly! Do whatever it takes to make sure you get some good sleep!

Melissa said...

It is great to hear that the reflux is getting better! I just want to say that it is so amazing what this blog has done for some people, myself included. I had the opportunity to talk with a few mutual friends and I had no idea that God had reached out to them in the way He did through Coy. It just brings a smile to my face to know that so many lives have been changed and so many eyes have been opened through your words and the encouragement of others. This truly shows the power of God's love and grace! Faith is such a powerful thing!
Love you and my prayers go out to you!
Melissa Williams

abby said...

I'm so glad that the reflux meds are working and that you found a good way to get the zantac into Coy. And in terms of the stomach sleeping---we did that too. It just worked so much better and we had Hallie on two monitors and we were in the same room with her (and still are...and she still prefers to stomach sleep). The carrier is another great idea. So is a 'bouncy' seat (like one of those fisher price things)---Hallie napped in this a lot and it also had her a bit more upright.

Hopefully Coy will outgrow his reflux and things will get better. And even if he doesn't outgrow it (Hallie still has hers), it DOES get better as they get bigger and you figure out how to manage things.

This micropreemie parenting thing is quite an adventure, but it'll be okay and so will Coy. Just give him a bit of time---he's doing well (and he's QUITE a looker; I adored the recent pictures).