Monday, March 17, 2008

home sweet home

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?" Jeremiah 32:27

So, Coy has been home for 3 days now; the past 3 days have been absolutely amazing. I still am in shock that he's home. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. I am always looking at him, holding him, changing him, feeding him. Life with a "newborn" is challenging, but so blissful at the same time. I am loving our "new" normal. Although I'm so glad Coy is home, I do miss all the staff and families in the NICU. Those are people I will always be thankful for; I can't express our gratitude enough to them.

He seems to be adjusting well to life at home. Chris and I are becoming acquainted with less sleep. I have always been one that needed lots of sleep; so to say I'm tired is an understatement. Saturday night, Coy, was up every 2 hours starving for food. He was taking 60cc's each time we fed him which is WAY more than he would take at the hospital. One of his awesome primary nurses called to check on him yesterday and when I excitedly told her about his new feeding schedule she told me that we shouldn't be feeding him so much! I just thought--baby hungry, feed baby. But I guess he shouldn't gain weight "too" fast as his favorite nurse told me. He has now been waking up hungry every 2.5 to 3 hours; he gets so hungry, so fast I hardly have time to heat up his milk!

One of the Docs called with Coy's MRI results today. All in all, the MRI looks good for a 23 weeker. There are a few abnormalities in his brain, however, small and hopefully fixable with therapies and love.

Please continue to pray for the progress of Coy. Pray for total and complete healing of his eyes, lungs, and brain.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our first visit to the pediatrician. Please pray for us as we take him out of the house for the first time! Pray he is not exposed to any "sick" kiddos. Hopefully we can sneak in and out of the office. We have been advised by all his doctors to steer clear of any and all public places and people. Of course, he has to go to doctors appointments, so we will do the best we can.

Our God is the Great Physician. There is nothing too big for him. Coy is home against all odds. He was home 2 weeks before his due date. He is sleeping in my arms as I type this. We are so blessed.

Here are some pics from today. We both love bath time! Note the attachment to the pacifier in every picture! He can even hold it in himself!


Anonymous said...

he is so cute. i'm glad that everything is going good for you guys. i always look forward to an update. you guys have and always will be in my prayers.


The Van Fam said...

He is just precious. I am so excited for y'all and so happy that y'all are finally get to experience life with a real newborn at home. It has it's hard moments, but such an amazing time. Cherish it...I know I am!! It's funny b/c this being our second and last I am enjoying everything so much more at this moment. It passes to quickly. In a matter of time you will be watching that boy play t-ball and wonder what happened to that itty bitty thing in his bath towel!

Stephanie V

Vicki said...

What a precious little miracle from God! I can't wait to meet him some day. Thanks for sharing. You're still in my prayers. Love, Vicki Willis

Lil' Jay & Family said...

Wow is he growing! It explains why he is so hungry all the time. I'm so happy for your family to be home finally. Good luck at his first appt....he's going to amaze the doctors. Also just wanted you to know, we are expecting baby #2. I haven't offically posted it yet on my blog but will in a week or so. We're praying to make it atleast to 34-36 weeks this time. We'll see as God has the plans for us. Take Care

Lil' Jay & Family said...

Wow is he growing! It explains why he is so hungry all the time. I'm so happy for your family to be home finally. Good luck at his first appt....he's going to amaze the doctors. Also just wanted you to know, we are expecting baby #2. I haven't offically posted it yet on my blog but will in a week or so. We're praying to make it atleast to 34-36 weeks this time. We'll see as God has the plans for us. Take Care

Emily Franks said...

Anne Marie,
I am so thankful to you for sharing the intimate details of your life with Chris and Coy! It is so precious to hear and 'feel' every emotion you are feeling. Thank you for allowing your prayer warriors in on your days and 'nights'. We are absolutely seeing God's hand in all of this and I have been so blessed to see your dependence on him. It really makes you see what is important in life. I will continue to pray for your requests and for your little guy to keep growing and becoming stronger. What a miracle!
Hang in there both of you - it's a tiring season! Emily Franks

Lynne Piper said...

Hi Ann Marie:

He looks so healthy and happy! Nothing like a great paci!

Maybe your pediatrician has a separate area just for premies. Ours has a separate room I believe for kids born 6 weeks or more premature. Maybe another option would be Chris could go in to the office and start "the wait" and you could wait in the car with Coy until he calls on the cell to tell you it's time to move to an individual room.

I know everything will go great. So glad you're updating!



Jodi said...

I just got caught up on your blog and I cried and cried. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I too gave birth at 23 weeks. Reading about all of your fears and frustrations brought back a flood of emotions. Sometimes I feel like you have written posts exactly like mine. I lost my son which I'm still having problems dealing with. Our God is a merciful God, however, and he blessed me with twins and allowed me to keep my precious little girl. She is absolutely amazing. I love the scriptures on your blog. I am a woman of strong faith, but some days I am still so angry about why I went into premature labor. Anyway, you can read Olivia's story at God bless you and your family. I'm so glad that Coy is finally home.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys are settling in at home!! Congrats to the both of you guys on the end of one long, tough chapter of your lives and the opening of another. Kids are awesome; you are truly blessed.--Rosanna

Hilary said...

Yeah baby Coy!! You are such a strong little guy!! Enjoy all your sweet family time..they grow way too fast.

~j~ said...

ooh my computer crashed and i truly missed checking in daily to see how your little man and the two of you were doing. Let out a whoop of joy when I read of the great news. So happy for you both and still praying. Thank you Lord for Coys life...
much love to you all,

marino said...

A parent of a friend of a friend sent me your blog info the other day. My husband and I read your entire blog last night and cried. My membranes ruptered at 26 weeks and we had via emergency c-section a beautiful girl, weighing 1 pound, 6.8 ounces. We are believers and were so touched by your blog as we had so many similar highs and lows in the NICU. Our daughter is now 29 months and 27 pounds! Its been a long road since we have been home, and from someone who is further down the preemie path, I would love to share some tips and resources that I wished I had to encourage me along the way.

The fact that our babies are even here is a total God thing and I had to really work hard to put together a team of people that understood a preemie outside of the NICU. One of my prayers was that God would not waste my tears and I love helping other Moms with preemies. Congrats on being able to bring Coy home. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Our babies are such miracles and blessings. I hold my daughter so tight because I know that it is by God's grace that I even have a child to hold.

God's best...

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Hi there, I just want to say Hallelujah to you both! My little boy will be one year on April 4. He was in the NICU only 12 days, and our experience does not even compare to your's, but they were still the hardest days of my life. You just never know how awful it is to leave the hospital without your baby until you experience it. Knowing that I am SO happy that your precious one is home for good! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Love, Missy

Jenny said...

He is darling! Give him a kiss from me!

We will continue to pray for that sweet baby. Your story and your willingness to share it has touched alot of people and gave others hope!


Robyn said...

Still in awe of God's healing power to send Coy home two weeks before his due date. Praise the Lord!!!
He's so darn cute and I love the pictures of him. I'm surprised that you were able to update so quickly online. I thought you might be sleeping instead!!!! Take it from another mom who craves sleep, make sure you at least lay down and try to sleep when they do!!!
Your house may be a pit, but there's nothing like resting with babies!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on youtube and was drawn to it. I have triplets that were 28 weekers. I have to say that I could feel your emotional roller coaster and could relate. CONGRATULATIONS on bring Coy home. He is a miracle. I look at my three boys and experience the power of prayer every day. Thank you for your blog and I wish you all the best.
Rebecca Winkler
Milwaukee, WI
(If you ever need some support as the days at home can be stressful as well with all the monitors and medications.)
I am sure the first peds appointment will go well!

Candace said...

Way to go, Boy! Holding your pacifier in by yourself. You are a big boy. We are praying for you, Coy and your tired and happy mommy and daddy!
candace and hadley keck

Anonymous said...

Ok...Ann Marie...
Its almost been a week and I am having some Coy withdrawal! I know you are so busy caring for that precious little boy, and visiting doctors, sleepless nights, etc....but I need some Coy in my life!!!

Love to y'all and continued prayers!


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for your precious little family to be home together.
My family doesn't know you so I don't know how to get a hold of you other then your blog. We wanted to see if you had anything set up to help contribute to your medical expenses. Please post this on your blog if you have set up anything. Best wishes to all of you.