Saturday, January 5, 2008

quick update..

Sorry we didn't post last night---didn't leave the hospital until 10 pm; once we were home all the energy I had was used on eating, pumping, and playing with our other babies, Sugar Pie and Dixie...

So yesterday was more of the same for Coy. His oxygen requirement was a little up from the day before, but his NP said this could be due to weaning down on the ventilator----meaning Coy is having to work harder to breathe on his own. But it also depends on the nurse---some nurses are very conscious with the oxygen, others crank it up like there's no tomorrow. Coy does desat (the oxygenation of his blood will drop) at times, but he usually will come back on his own. I was frustrated yesterday when the nurse kept cranking him up on the oxygen every time he would desat. I finally just sat there by the ventilator and every time he would desat she would run over---I just nicely told her to "LEAVE THE OXYGEN ALONE!" It's hard for me to manage my emotions--am I being an overbearing/ concerned parent? or a controlling nurse? I would never want to tell the nurses how to do their job--that would have drove me crazy as a nurse, but I know my son so well, I know his habits and his trends, whether he's acting himself, etc. When she was done with her shift, he had gone from 67% to 48% oxygen--you see, if the oxygen stays high, it can damage his eyes..

So we stayed until 10 pm last night, Chris got to do Kangaroo care--Coy looked so sweet on his daddy. He kept opening his eyes---they are so beautiful! He is so precious!

When we called this morning, the nurse said he was doing fine--he did have a bad blood gas last night so they increased his rate to 25 BPM on the vent. Although I am disappointed, I know we don't want to stress the little man out--baby steps, baby steps.

Please pray today for Coy's lungs to mature! For his oxygen requirement to decrease! For all the nurses and doctors who work so hard in the NICU! Pray that Coy continues to tolerate all his feedings and that his urine output remains regulated!

Thanks to all and GOD BLESS!


esperanza said...

Guys just hang in there. I am very happy that Coy has such a dedicated mom. Nobody knows better that mom. I would say keep it like that and trust your guts. Motherhood gives wisdom. Coy is in our daily prayers.
Orlando, Esperanza and Liam.

Melinda & Mike said...

Ree & Chris
I have been reading Coy's blog daily...and have shared a comment, to have them say that it wasn't done correctly.
I am going to try one more time.
...I really want you do stand by your son. Manners and protocol can be respected, but you need to make sure they respect your knowledge.

You and Chris are doing an awesome job. Chris asked for suggestions yesterday...this is mine. If you either feel something needs to change or be looked at, say so.

You each are sooo special to Mike and I.


dpdude said...

Please read to Coy:

Coy, you need to know you have great parents and grand parents who are very proud of you. Keep up the good work on fighting off them nurses (they think you are so cute). Your grandparents (Tommy and Karen) are building a great place for you to come play. So hurry and get those lungs developed. You have been a blessing to all of us and have touched our hearts. Stay strong and we will keep praying for you.

Ronnie and Rhesa